Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Time/CNN/ORC Poll: Romney regains lead in Florida..and has the momentum

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 36%
Newt Gingrich 34%
Rick Santorum 11%
Ron Paul 9%
Someone else (vol.) *
None/ No one (vol.) 4%
No opinion 7%

Romney is trending up during this Poll. As you can see from the following graph, Romney got a big bounce following Monday's Debate:

A survey of 410 registered Republicans was conducted January 22-24. The MOE is +/-5%

The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

Accompanying CNN analysis:

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Publius Nemo said...

Gingrich will hurt the republican party every day that he remains in the race and any donation or contribution to his campaign is a donation to Barrack Obama and the democrats. Anyone who votes for Gingrich has succumbed to anger, fear, and demagoguery. Those who join his mob share in his love of ignorance and reality TV style entertainment. Wake up Florida and don't let South Carolina lead us into another un-winable war. I'd love to be a contributor.

BOSMAN said...


I left you a message at your blog.

Right Wingnut said...

CNN has Mitt up by 24 a week ago today.

Also, they had Mitt up by 10, two days prior to SC. Their track record sucks. Stick with Rasmussen and PPP.

Anonymous said...

Poll watchers are quick to point out that weekend polls are quite unreliable. The polls that put Gingrich up so much were probably not entirely accurate. Whether Romney is ahead or not, I don't know, but I do think that the polls are tightening.


newark hawk said...

The CNN South Carolina poll which showed Romney up 10 points was conducted BEFORE the final SC debate from which Gingrich received a large polling bounce for screaming at moderator John King.

Romney haters & Gingrich supporters can try to kill the messenger all they want, but CNN polls are about as accurate as any other polls.

Terrye said...

These polls are just all over the place...all of them. Gallup too. It is like a see saw. I don't think we really know one way or the other where they are.

I do think that Romney is up right now and I hope he stays up, but this has been a very volatile race.