Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Cheers For Blatant, Unconcealed Racism!

Back in December, I predicted that Romney would win Iowa and New Hampshire and go on to lose South Carolina. I also predicted that Romney would still win the nomination. While we will never know about Iowa, there is a chance that I might have been spot on the rest.

I lived in South Carolina for six years. If you watched the last debate, you will firmly understand why South Carolina battles it out with Mississippi each year to showcase the worst educational system in the country. At times I felt like I was watching what I imagine the Roman Colosseum crowds to be like -lots of large, angry mobs. It is no accident, of course, that Gingrich's coded racial slurs fell on some excited ears.

First, let's establish the fact that it doesn't take Jesse Jackson to understand that Gingrich is indeed race-baiting. He has openly declared that food stamps are mostly a black problem. He also has implicitly implied that they are a bunch lazy do-nothings who can't ween themselves off the government's crack. Let's face it. Newt's racism is just good politics. In a state like South Carolina, Gingrich will have no trouble finding scads of older, white voters, who while they prefer to keep their biases secret, love hearing Newt sticking it to the food stamp bums. Newt gives their prejudices an aura of intellectual satisfaction.

Unfortunately, as others have said before, Newt is what stupid people think a smart person sounds like. His food stamps routine have barely a foothold in reality.

1). There are way more white people on food stamps than black people. Sorry Newt, facts are facts.

2). Barack Obama has done precious little to increase the amount of food stamp recipients. The reasons why there are so many on food stamps is because there are lot more poor people due to that little thing we call the recession. But Newt doesn't do economics, he does propaganda. Furthermore, the states have had a larger role in food stamps policy than President Obama.

3). Most food stamp recipients work. Over half of the new food stamp recipients since the past decade are working families with kids. In fact, the system is designed to help those people in particular. Food stamps are not meant to replace a family's wages so they don't have to work. They are meant to supplement the wages of those under the poverty line.

4). Newt is also the Republican candidate whose tax proposals would create the largest economic disparities in America, thus insuring the need for more food stamps. But again, I repeat, Newt's incoherent approach to public policy is not really that incoherent if you understand his politics. He wants to win the South Carolina primary and he knows that speaking in racial code is the way to do it.

The surest fire way to kick me out of the Republican Party is have Newt as its representative. He has spent the past thirty years of his life trying to destroy anyone who gets in his path for power and money. He is an empty shell of a man who will privately support anything as long as you throw enough cash his way while he will publicly supports the opposite with not the slightest trace of shame or consternation. I think that instead of watching the debates tonight, I am going to enjoy watching one of Newt's ex-wives talk up his past indiscretions.

And I really don't care whether she is lying about his desires for an open marriage. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Newt deserves to have his character assassinated.

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BOSMAN said...


Anonymous said...

Gingrich is such a divisive, polarizing figure due to his own arrogance and immorality;so much that I believe if he becomes the GOP nominee, the GOP will collapse. I know many people who will leave the GOP due to embarrassment alone, not withstanding Gingrich's reputation and record as an FDR loving big government progressive.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on the SC can anyone in their right mind cheer race baiting. The media has set the SC primary up as the state to win and the winner will be the GOP nominee. I also find it funny how people take what Gingrich says as dare anyone question Gingrich about anything.

Anonymous said...

I missed the debate, but the charge of using the "dog whistle" and race baiting was made by John Mark Reynolds. His example was different than the food stamp example, but he wrote clearly about his concerns. I would not have picked up on a lot of this, but I was not raised in the South. I find it interesting to see what people who are more familiar with the South think.

I also believe that if Gingrich can dish it out, he can take it. I heard a blurb from Mike Gallagher (I don't listen to him) today say something about how Gingrich's ex-wife is a bitter woman and we already know all about Gingrich's behavior. This from a guy that is, I believe, ABR. Some of these "family values" people are a bunch of hypocrites! They can justify Newt's immoral behavior, but somehow Romney can't qualify for them to even look at in a realistic way. Anyway, Gingrich deserves everything he gets when it comes to this issue. I thought the same about Rudy Giuliani, and I was more inclined to support him for Pres. BY FAR.


Anonymous said...

Newt certainly has been a clarifying moment for the GOP. We found out who are the true blue, and who are the hypocrites--people like Rush, Levin, Palin, FOX, etc. It appears there's nothing Newt can do that would make any of them come to their senses.

Weird, and disgusting! I think we need a good solid effort to purge these folks from the party forever.


Ohio JOE said...

"There are way more white people on food stamps than black people. Sorry Newt, facts are facts." So? Hello, food stamps in the prefered option for either race. Race is not the point. It is rather freaking sad that a significant portion of the population are on food stamps. Government regulation and a whole host of non-business friendly government actions make this number much higher than it needs to be.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post Pablo...I'm leaving the GOP regardless of who the nominee is. I'll be a proud conservative independent.

To say that Newt disgusts me is being very kind, and I would never pull the lever for him, Sanford, Ensign, Weiner, Edwards etc. etc.

Abandoning ones family for your own personal pleasures is the truest sign of a deeply selfish and arrogant individual. Newt has not done anything since his miraculous conversion 4 years ago to convince me that he is now a changed man. More wrinkles and a larger belly don't prove that Newt has changed, and I have no reason to believe that he is sincere.

OK Newt, we'll just go right on ahead and believe everything you say...PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!


Lionhead said...

@Gordon, I'm with you Gordon; after my primary is finished, I'm switching back to being an conservative independent. The dysfunctional GOP led by big gov't progressives or oligarchs or combination of both, has showed me this party has gone off the rails. They had their chance at reform & failed.

If Santorum continues to get the short shrift in the upcoming elections, then it shows the 'base' doesn't want a conservative candidate. So be it. I will never comprise my values to any so-called party.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe:

If race is not the point then someone needs to tell Gingrich..because I am quite certain that if Gingrich had said that white kids needed to get jobs as janitors in schools,he would not have gotten all that applause.

He made it about race..So how long after he is elected are we to see the "black children should be forced to be janitors act"?

Anonymous said...

Pablo, this is sad, because it reinforces what I already thought about places like SC. I was hoping to be wrong, and many people have told me I am wrong. But it's pretty clear that some of these folks are living in the wrong century.


Anonymous said...

His idea of putting little black boys to work as janitors was as outrageous as it gets. We have a 15% real unemployment rate and now he wants to add little kids to the work force.

Anonymous said...

Romney has the best credentials as a Republican in modern history. While he is not perfect, compared to Gingrich, or any modern president, for that matter, Romney is a saint and a savior for our country. He will change the country for great good. Gingrich will not win against Obama because he's not only uninspiring. He's downright evil and his pompous arrogance and the lies he promotes are direct products of his immorality.