Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So What else is new? Newt's a WINDBAG!

(BTW, if you haven't viewed the opening video above, please do. It sets the tone for the rest of this post)

Separated at Birth:

I'm watching the Debate last night as Newt Gingrich says things like, ....It's important to look at the records of each of the candidates (hoping of course no one looks at his) or  how important it is that the voters pick someone (like him) to get us out of the mess we're in...ETC....ETC...to the cheers of the sheepies in the audience.

At any rate, THE ABSOLUTE FIRST IMAGE while listening to Newt was that of Professor Harold Hill. The fictional lead character in the musical "Music Man".....Boy could Harold talk and SWAY THE CROWDS. Everyone in 'River City' just loved to hear him talk. Obviously, it takes intelligence to be able to sell snake oil.

The similarities, don't stop there. His Character had been run out of several towns on a rail once people caught on to his shenanigans. Almost the same way that Newt Gingrich was run out of Washington, DC, when he had to step down as Speaker.

Then, there are his business dealings, Professor Hill, was always looking to make a quick buck. Not to be out done, Newt had his questionable business dealings as well. Some were beyond belief and would have made Professor Hill Proud.

Yes, you have to hand it to him, Gingrich sure can talk.

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nkmom said...

So true! Just like President Obama reminds me of the lawyer character in the musical Chicago, Billy Flynn, and his routine about how he gives the jury the song and dance routine!

nkmom said...

Oh, excuse me, it's called the "razzle dazzle", not song and dance ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW3MIixEps4

Dotty042 said...

Perfect analogy! And from a personal standpoint, I can't trust Newt because of my own personal identity to an adulterer! Many people have no problem with Newt's morality problems, but having experienced it myself, as I was married to a man who basically was a LOT like Newt. He was the best LIAR I have ever had the displeasure of knowing, so automatically when hearing Newt, this issue comes to my mind first! I get along with my ex now, but would never trust him again!

kim said...

Spot on. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I resent this. Musicman is one of the best musicals ever. Don't malign it by comparing Harold Hill with Newt. Newt doesn't have .000001% the integrity of the loveable charlatan Hill.


Anonymous said...

Get with the times, Bos! Haven't you seen the new Music Man starring Matthew Broderick? My girls love it!

I continue to be stunned that people can support Newt--with all that baggage--over Mitt. Especially people who pretend to care about families and morality.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Funny post Bosman.

Perhaps my favorite musical of all.

Although I would like to point out one HUGE distinction between Hill and Gingrich. Hill was incredibly likeable (in large part due to Robert Preston's masterful performance) while Newt is detestable on his best day.