Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Right/Left Wing Romney Liars

When it comes to Mitt Romney and his infamous 25% level of support, all we keep hearing from the unholy alliance of Right Wing Blabber Mouths and Left Wing Hacks - you the bunch of which I speak - your Rush Limbaugh's and your Chris Matthew's and other Twisters of Truth - they keep perpetuating the asinine line:

"75% of the Party rejected Romney in Iowa last night!"

I defy anyone, and I mean anyone, to show me an early contested primary race, where the party provided a victory margin of 75% or more.

How could Rick Santorum  "win" with his come from behind 25% and Romney be rejected with the same 25% or the Iowa vote?

Could it not be said Santorum was rejected by 75% of the party as well?

Didn't 90% of the GOP reject Rick Perry?

Was Gingrich cast out by 86% of the Party?

How are these candidates not viewed as "weak" under this line of thinking?

The other smear these peddlers of political perversion push is the canard Romney has been running for 5, 6 or 7 years. Yet a certian porty, thrice married, drug addled bloviator will laud Reagan for persisting in three cmapaigns, spanning 12 years.

Pass me a barf bag!
These Twisters of Truth thrive like maggots on a decaying carcass, spinning these illogical and totally unrealistic anti-Romney ideas to their malleable audiences of supplicants.

And yet they hide behind the phony visage of being Hardball playing Doctor's of Democracy.

I don't know who are bigger fools, these Blowhards or the jackasses that believe them.

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Anonymous said...

By Rush's estimation, 95.2 percent of America rejects/doesn't listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is correct, but maybe having the media on both sides being against Mitt the last two years might end up benefiting Romney against the negative ads that are on their way. There's a reason why all of the ABR's know every anti-Mitt talking point by heart and use them ad nauseam on every thread. The fact that the ads will give Mitt a chance to rebuke all of these talking points in a classy and meaningful way will have an even greater impact. Newt had to whine and had that line spread far and wide by the media...poor Newt. Mitt now gets to show how you respond to neg. Ads the right, if the media couldn't kill Mitt by now with Romneycare and flip flops, then maybe just maybe he's built up some resistance to these lines of attack...isn't that a good thing going into the general?
Mitt just needs to stay on message concerning his vision for America and remind everyone that he spent his life where the buck stopped at his desk...Santorum was merely one out of 100 with no signature accomplishments...there's a reason why only political geeks even knew who the hell Santorum even is. Executive leadership trumps quality team member everyday of the week.


Anonymous said...

Today on Fox, they interviewed a NH state Rep (forgot his name) who endorsed Newt Gingrich. This individual completely told a lie, he said that apart from the negative ads that Romney was running that Romney also "made fun" of Newt Gingrich crying about his mother and that it was the lowest of low blows by Mitt Romney. I cant believe an elected official would outright make up a lie like that.Its a shame and something "positive Newt" needs to address.

Terrye said...

Doug is pissed..and I don't blame him.

Most of these people are just idiots anyway.

Doug NYC GOP said...

non @ 6:23 - I heard that moron.

Terrye - I am pissed, especially at the Right, which I expect better from.

Alan said...

This post expresses exactly what I have been thinking. The stupid logic of these pontificating pundits is beyond idiotic. And on top of that, Rush slyly hinted that the late delivery of votes last night was somehow a nefarious scheme by Romney to steal the election. Once you see through these blowhards, you can never think of them in the same way again.

American Parchment Editor said...
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FastFacts said...

Explains it all.

Alan said...

Another thing we should be shouting about is the canard of the so-called ' establishment.' What is the establishment? Rush never names names. It is the boogieman that Rush has set up to push his agenda. If anyone is the 'establishment' it is the conservative wing of the Republican party. They have been in control of the party for the better part of three decades.

Doug NYC GOP said...


Rush was also hinting Romney was behind Herman Cain's troubles as well.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Rush couldn't stop McCain which show he has a deep yet narrow slice of the populace to manipulate.

Terrye said... also shows that Rush has a habit of screwing with the guy who is ahead...he is like Mikey, he hates everything

Anonymous said...

Doug, I AM DISGUSTED as well!! I can take people saying a lot about Romney, but what I can't tolerate is the FLAT OUT LIES and accusations by Rush and Co.

Alan, I agree with you. If there's any 'establishment' out there it's people like RUSH who are elitist snobs about who they let into their little club. They are the arbiters of who can and cannot be considered a 'true conservative' and the facts have nothing to do with it!

This is SICK SICK SICK! The right is WORSE than the left, because they do the same dirty things while pretending to be above reproach.


Anonymous said...



newark hawk said...

Rush Limbaugh, as the Indian saying goes, speaks with forked tongue.

In 2008, Limbaugh endorsed Romney, calling him a "FULL SPECTRUM CONSERVATIVE".

In 1996, Limbaugh endorsed the MODERATE Bob Dole over the conservative Pat Buchanan.

Chris Matthews is far less dangerous than Limbaugh because Matthews' audience of radical left-wing kooks is tiny & relatively harmless.

newark hawk said...

In addition to endorsing the GOP establishment candidate Bob Dole in 1996, Limbaugh also endorsed the GOP establishment candidates George H.W. Bush in 1988 & George W. Bush in 2000.

Now, all of a sudden, Limbaugh hates the GOP establishment?!?!?

Please Rush, spare us the bullxxxx.

Anonymous said...

Is Romney aware of all these idiots like Rush, Levin and Fox News that are all trying to derail him?

nevadagirl said...

Doug, "portly, thrice married, drug addled bloviator?" Love it! Well said!

Teemu said...

Funny that media keeps pushing this crap, when they actually have polls from Iowa December 30th that directly asked:

"Please tell me if you would find each of the following candidates acceptable, acceptable but
with reservations, or not acceptable as the Republican nominee for president:"

And Romney got clearly the lowest "not acceptable" percentage of all. So there is much stronger not-(insert any "not-Romney") than not-Romney phenomena.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I listened to Rush yesterday for about the first hour. I just wanted to wrap my hands around Rush's jiggly neck and throttle him. He was strongly implying that Romney somehow stole the election through ballot tampering with the Story county ballots that came late. And Rush claimed that Santorum won. What a lying scumbag.


Ohio JOE said...

"The right is WORSE than the left" Haha, now that one was good for a great laugh.

Doug NYC GOP said...

When it comes to realistic and original political analysis the Right is JUST as stale and manipulative as the Left.

Open your Eyes and Ears!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rush says Iowa caucus was fixed so Romney could win, Mark Levin says Virginia Ballot was fixed to benefit Romney. Idiots