Monday, January 23, 2012

Republican Civil War

I have thought for some time now that regardless of who the nominee is and whether the GOP nominee wins the presidency this year, the party is headed for a civil war. There have already been skirmishes in the forms of NY-23, the 2010 senate races for Nevada, Alaska, Delaware, Colorado, Arizona and many House races. I'm quite sure that if Romney won the nomination and presidency that there would be a solid 10-15% of the party who would never shut their mouths during his presidency and would do everything they could to undermine his presidency. But with the polls coming out of Florida today it appears that we don't have to worry about the long, drawn out scenario. Newt is ahead in the Florida polls by anywhere from a few points to as much as 9.

The shot that started this Civil War was fired in South Carolina when the so called social conservatives abandoned all their values to vote for the man who least stands for social values. South Carolina started THE Civil War 151 years ago to protect an evil way of life, slavery, and to reject a president who was not one of them, Lincoln. South Carolina has started a GOP Civil War to protect a big government, serial adulterer, dead beat father because he is one of them, a Southerner.

The tea party doesn't want moderate republicans in the party. Southern Evangelicals may be willing to tolerate Mormons in the party, as long as we sit in the back of the bus, but they won't stand for one driving the bus. Libertarians have received similar treatment as well. Gingrich will work wonders to drive out all three groups. His nomination will galvanize large numbers of republicans to permanently leave the party. The GOP continues to shrink with smaller voter ID numbers than democrats. Voters have been leaving the GOP in droves for some years now.

Well then, maybe it's time to cut loose from the teavangelicals. Perhaps it is time for the 20% of us who are hated by the tea party and the South to leave as well. It is past time for a center right party to form. That is what I would like to see. But the reality is that we will just fracture and gaurantee the democrats control all three branches of government for decades to come. But this is what the country deserves at this point.

Whatever happens this year, the lights are going to be turned off soon for the GOP, and good riddance.

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Anonymous said...

I'm on board. I'm a Mormon and am fed up with the bigotry from within. I will be leaving the GOP once it looks as if Newt has secured the nomination.

Anonymous said...


Nice work, but depressing. I'm still hoping that the sane wing of the party is stronger than the teavangelicals, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. The fact that the GOP stronghold is the south has always been a huge concern for me.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how many times it's pointed out to the tea party and to Evangelicals that Newt's life and political record is anathema to them, they don't seem to care.

He's the worst possible choice for both, yet they ignore the facts.

All this whining about Romney for 2 years, and they choose someone WORSE??? Stupidity on parade.


Ohio JOE said...

"The fact that the GOP stronghold is the south has always been a huge concern for me." So you blame the South that the rest of the country is contest to be like Europe, both economically and socially?

"He's the worst possible choice for both" yes, but I chose neither.

Anonymous said...

OJ, no. I blame the Democrats for that, primarily, with a little Republican recklessness thrown in.

I blame the south for their hypocrisy, stupidity, bigotry, racism, and populist tendencies.


Right Wingnut said...

I'm mildly amused (but not surprised) that this comes from the guy who accuses me of tacit support of Obama.

You just let the cat out of the bag, Dan. You're most definitely an operative of the Democrat Party.

Deila Taylor said...

great post, I share your sentiments, now where is the promised land?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a Newt Gingrich nomination might get Ron Paul to throw his hat in...If that's the case then I recommend we turn Utah Purple. It obviously won't effect the outcome because Newt will have to try and overcome the personna of "Dirty Old Man", and will lose in an electoral landslide.

But it would be a nice reminder that the GOP can take Mormon support for granted no more. (wishful thinking...)

Anonymous said...

From the first time I heard Barak Obama speak, I had him pegged. I never fell for him, and I never even considered voting for him.

I'm certainly not going to fall for Newt Gingrich, which to me falls under the same category as Barak Obama. I'll definitely never vote for Newt.

It appears, though, that a large number of Americans love the on-stage theatrics of Obama and Newt. For example, one recent schtick of Newt's is to use the word baloney, meaning everyone else is full of it except for him. The crowd goes wild.

I don't need any red meat gimmicks. All I wanted was someone competent and decent. But if Newt is the nominee, the Republicans can have their schtick. I'll be long gone.

craigs said...

Good Post Danl
But this already happened in 1964. The moderates lost to Goldwater ( I was a big supporter of Barry ) and cut loose the right, and the party got buried in November. Didn't get back in power until Nixon in 1968 when the Dems abandoned the center and nominated Humphrey
We might get Obama running Romney
We will get Obama, and Pelosi running Gingrich


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the political perspective. I would make a distinction between 1964 and now. In 1964 the country was more moral than it is now. Pretty scary huh? The age of the hippies was a more moral time for America than now. The point is, that the party will stand for nothing if Gingrich, the serial adulterer and pathological liar is our nominee. There just can't be a recovery from that without destroying our nation. Also, Goldwater was a decent, honorable man, and Gingrich is anything but.

Anonymous said...

I’m not ready to give up on the Republican Party yet. Close to it, yes. But I’m not throwing in the towel at the moment—only to leave myself wet and naked coming out of a cold shower. There is no viable political alternative today.

Newt’s latest rise in the polls—and, make no mistake about it, THE POLLS ARE A TOOL OF THE MEDIA TO CREATE NEWS AND SHAPE PUBLIC OPINION—is attributable to a sinister alliance among:

—the mainstream media, which is doing its utmost to clear the field for Obama’s reelection (the endless GOP “debates” are the media’s gift to Obama, and that includes the covert Democrats at Fox);

—the so-called Tea Party, which is an anarchic third-party populist movement that is opposed to the Republican “establishment” (a/k/a the Republican Party) and is eager to burn down the house to show how much power “we the people” have;

—hardcore, uniformed Christian evangelicals, whose religious bigotry (under the guise of their fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible) will not permit them to vote for a Mormon; and

—right-wing talk radio (led by Limbaugh) and the far-right blogosphere (led by Erickson), which thrives on chaos and controversy, and desperately wants this election to validate their own anti-Obama, anti-GOP-establishment rhetoric of the past three years.

I write this as a Catholic, who remembers the virulent religious bigotry of the South led by its Baptist pastors in the run-up to the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960.

If the grotesquely flawed Newt Gingrich should win the GOP nomination (I still think that’s VERY unlikely), I will leave the Republican Party the next day. As Reagan once said of his forced exit from the Democrats, my party will have left me.

Terrye said...

right wing nut..if they nominate Gingrich they are supporting the man most likely to lose against Obama so what do you care? That scenario is fine with you.

If Gingrich wins the nomination I am out of the party. Done. I will not give them money. I will not vote for Gingrich. This will turn out like Delaware and Nevada..too bad someone can not launch a successful write in campaign like we saw in Alaska to save the party, but if this is what they want..fine I am done.

Terrye said...

But you know what? Ericson and Limbaugh and Fox News will love an Obama win...because that means they can remain in the opposition. That means money and influence and that is all they care about. They have their own agenda.

Ohio JOE said...

"But you know what? Ericson and Limbaugh and Fox News will love an Obama win...because that means they can remain in the opposition." Then why did they support Mr. Bush smartie pants?

Anonymous said...

Many, many GOP folks were turned off when McCain choose Sarah Palin as VP.

If the GOP goes for Newt as Nominee this cycle, it may very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

If the Family Valves (SoCon) leg of the stoll proves it has lost its mind this time, the FisCon and Defense Cons will very likely look to form a central party to deal with the governance of the country and leave the Far Right and Far Left to fight out their cultural war somewhere else...