Monday, January 16, 2012

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have become an embarrassment to the Republican Party

What has happened to the Republican Party, when we find two of it's candidates for President the poster children for bad judgment and lack of basic skills?

First we have both of them attacking capitalism and showing up in DNC ads doing Obama's dirty work.

Now, we find both of them appealing a State of Virginia lawsuit that was frivolous to begin with. If they both hadn't been so disorganized, stupid, or both, they would have made the Virginia Primary ballot like Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Heck, even Dennis Kucinich has made that primary ballot in the past. So now, they're appealing a decision by the court that denied their request to get on the ballot.

What a great example they both are. Standards are set to obtain a certain goal. Everybody has an equal opportunity to reach that goal. People apply. Go through the process. Some pass the test. Some don't. Now those that didn't make it, want to sue because the criteria was TO HARD.

I didn't think that affirmative action was supposed to apply to Republican Presidential candidates.

They have both become nothing more than entertainment for the Democratic Party and an embarrassment for the rest of us.

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leighrow said...

Please South Carolina....I beg of you...end this circus and give Romney a decisive victory, so the GOP can start rallying behind him and the Senate and House races. The GOP needs to unite to build a case as to why a Romney presidency would restore people's faith in government and the free enterprise system.

larry said...

These 2 really are an embarrassment. I think in Perry's case he's just stupid. With Gingrich, it's much deeper. He's evil.

Anonymous said...

After his pathetic performance during this campaign, I wouldn't at all be surprised if Perry gets retired by Texas voters when his term ends.

Ben said...

How can anyone look at these 2 and see 2 loyal Republicans?

The only good thing about these clowns staying in the contest is that they help split-up what's left of the ABR crowd, which of course works in Romney's favor.

Anonymous said...

Best graphics ever Bos!
Absolutely right on the money.


DanL said...

Bosman don't make fun of the these guys, you'll only make Jersey mad at you, and you won't like it when Jersey gets mad.

Anonymous said...

I have to give Hunstman props for knowing when to get out. Perry doesn't seem to get it. At least Jon came in third in NH. There is no justification for Perry in the race at all.

And as you say, he and Newt are damaging the party.


hamaca said...


Rick "the Prophet" Perry still thinks he has some sort of divine responsibility to stay in the race. He's likely hoping that some of Santorum's pixie dust will be thrown his way.

Anonymous said...

hamaca, you're probably right. Maybe he's still listening to the group of pastors who got him into this.

Plus, I still think he has some cash, although I'm not sure. Either way, he has no effect upon the race at this point. Surely, he knows this?


BOSMAN said...

Maybe he's hoping that those pastors can get him in on the half-time show at the Super Bowl? Min-prayer rally?

Machtyn said...

At this point, Rick Perry may be taking a free SC and FL vacation at the expense of donors ;)

Ben said...

After his attack on Mitt and capitalism, he's lost any hope of being considered for the No 2 spot.

Crystalf said...

yeah .. Perry is a non-player; I don't appreciate the scortched earth tactics, but his strikes are so inept & misplaced that they are more a referendum on the attacker than the attackee and, as mentioned, a vote for Perry is a vote for Mitt, so I don't mind too much his staying in .. his $$ is about run dry so he'll be out soon. Santorum is a whiney irritant but has sense enough not to take down the party, so if having him in can take some oxygen away from The Newt, I'm all for it. As for Newt .. that graphic is SO GOOD, I think he may have found his real calling .. after his encore performance of Old Newt, leading to a 2nd party exile, looks like he'll have a job after the election.