Monday, January 16, 2012

Fox News Poll: Romney BREAKS 40% against his GOP rivals and virtually tied with Obama

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 40%
Rick Santorum 15%
Newt Gingrich 14%
Ron Paul 13%
Rick Perry 6%
Jon Huntsman 5%
Someone else 1%
Too soon to say 4%
Don't Know 2% 


Barack Obama 46%
Mitt Romney 45% (-1) 

Barack Obama 50%
Rick Santorum 38% (-12) 

Barack Obama 51%
Newt Gingrich 37% (-14)
A survey of 906 registered voters, and was conducted January 12-14, 2012 in the evenings. The MOE is +/-3%. A sub sample of 365 Republican Primary voters has a MOE of +/-5%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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Massachusetts Conservative said...

Romney's ceiling of 25% is apparently among people in the North American continent... who knew?

Doug NYC GOP said...

This poll shuld be administered to Bill Kristol and Juan Williams as a suppository.

Jed M. Merrill said...

Combine Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich into one Frankenstein candidate and they MIGHT have a chance against Mitt, says this poll. However, each individually loses to him by at least 2 to 1 in one on one match ups according to CNN.