Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mitt Romney on 'Fox News Sunday' (FULL VIDEO 01-22-12)

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Anonymous said...

Repost--Sorry, I posted this in the comment section of the previous story instead of this one.

If I were Mitt, I would approach Newt this way in the debate:

I know Speaker Gingrich is very good at stirring emotion, but so is someone in the White House we are all very familiar with. I hope his supporters are happy with that emotion and feeling instilled by the president--because it is likely the only thing they're ever going to get: a feel good memory. I hope his supporters are satisfied with that emotion, becuause they're certainly not going to get anything real--like jobs. The same can be said of Speaker Gingrich: a nice feel good moment, a cheap thrill--but no jobs.

Then Romney can talk about Obama and Newt as non-job creating career politicans, and then contrast that with his career creating jobs at Bain. Of course, because of private sector experience.

It's important to remind people not to get wrapped up in the cheap thrill that Obama and Newt can invoke during speech. That stirred emotion--or cheap thrill--is not lasting and will never lead or provide any results like jobs. They don't have the stability, credibility and jobs results that only Romney can provide.