Monday, January 16, 2012

Mitt Romney: No Bain, No Gain?

Growing up in Boston and living in the greatest Baseball city in the world, an article in the Boston Herald titled, 'Strike three in Bain attacks on Romney'. caught my eye.

In it, writer Kimberly Atkins makes a point that these attacks may have accomplished what Romney has been trying to do, all along....rally the Republican base behind him.

First, she points out that the attacks on Romney's venture capitalist, turned off potentially powerful conservative allies. One of those is Tom Donohue CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nations largest business lobby who condemned the attacks.

Second, the attacks provided Romney a dress rehearsal for the general election campaign. While commentators initially asked why Gingrich was doing President Obama’s work for him, by the end of last week, they were noting that he may have done Romney a favor — Bain will be old news by next fall.

Third (and most important in my estimation)
The Bain controversy may provide the final push Republicans need to finally galvanize behind one candidate — and as of now, that seems to be Romney. After all, in recent history that has been the GOP’s usual mode of operation: wrap up the presidential primary early and in largely civil fashion, saving the money and energy for the big dance.

The GOP may be ready to pick a candidate, and in the wake of Baingate, Donohue seemed to be leading the rallying cry.

“Romney’s had a pretty good track record,” Donohue said about Romney’s business career.

“Perfect? Hell no. But damn good.”
Read the full article HERE.

This analysis might be right. Today's Fox News national poll has Romney breaking the 40% mark, leading the number two candidate Rick Santorum by a WHOPPING 25 POINT MARGIN.

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Machtyn said...

I've noticed the same thing. Even many in the ABR crowd rallied behind Romney when the attacks were made. It was subtle, but the subtlety, along with Mitt's front-runner status in IA and NH has push SC'ians and others nationally to start rallying behind Mitt Romney. While that was not necessarily the intention of the ABR pundits, that seems to be what is happening.

Which has more influence, the Bain attacks or the Mitt-mentum? I'm not sure. Preparation, organization and hard work has pushed Romney's campaign over the top.

When looking at this campaign in the rear-view mirror, it may very much look like Romney made this nomination campaign look easy.

Socrates said...

Maybe there was a little bit of devine intervention involved.

Gingrich & Perry's attempts sure didn't start out as their way to help Romney get the nomination.

Maybe those 2 clowns are being taught a lesson?