Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LIVE FEEDS this afternoon: TWO Mitt Romney events in FLORIDA (January 25, 2:15 & 3:20 PM EST)

There is a 75% chance that there will be a live feed for these event(s). Check back at the appropriate time.

2:15 PM EST:

Mitt Romney speaks at Univision’s “Meet the Candidates” forum in Miami.

3:20 PM EST:

Mitt Romney participates in an event hosted by the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC special interest group in Miami.

The feed buttons are under the photo below. If all goes well, at least one of them should take you to the events at the times of the event(s).

As with many live events, they may not start exactly on time. Also, once the pop-up window with the feed opens, you may need to scroll down and across and/or choose the "Romney" Channel to view the event depending on your computer.

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