Thursday, January 19, 2012

LIVE FEED: Rick Perry announcement


Anonymous said...

Perry exit is most likely to benefit Santorum! !!!

Anonymous said...

Santorum is a lost cause

BOSMAN said...

Romney is the last GOVERNOR standing.

You know...."EXECUTIVE" experience.


South Carolina won't want to loose their winning streak going forward.

Romney Will win there.
Then, He'll TROUNCE everyone in Florida!

BOSMAN said...

BTW, You can take my prediction, TO THE BANK!

craigs said...

Perry had about 4% in S.Carolina in latest PPP poll yesterday. His biggest numbers, at 4 and 5% were in areas like Columbia and southern counties that are Romney strongholds. So, Mitt will probably pick up some Perry voters. Second choice of Perry voters was Gingrich. 37% and Romney. 29% But, some areas of SC Perry had Zero percent support

leighrow said...


I pray your prediction is right. I get physically sick at the thought of Gingrich being the GOP nominee!

I wonder why the media is not highlighting Michelle Bachmann's very strong "NO endorsement" stand for Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

SC doesn't matter in the long run, because we Newt can't win beyond that. But I sure would hate to see the creep rewarded with even one win.