Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gingrich Super PAC Ad - 'Think You Know Mitt?'

Winning Our Future just made a $6 million ad buy in Florida. I don't know how familiar Florida primary voters are with RomneyCare at this point, but they'll know all about it by next Tuesday.


FastFacts said...


Remember Gingrich was the first to come up with the mandate, but he wanted a federally controlled mandate being a statist. Romney wanted a state run, and his was different, he wanted - 'Pay for your own insurance, or pay your own bill' (as from Heritage Foundation).

RomneyCare isn't ObamaCare, GingrichCare is ObamaCare and Gingrich was pushing it until 6 months ago, when his campaign fell apart.

Anonymous said...

If you hadnt heard about Romneycare by now, you must have been living under a rock. What a waste of money. Meanwhile Romney should drop a 10M buy on Fannie Freddie, that will hit closer to home in Florida with the foreclosures, rather than Romneycare.

Anonymous said...

Romneycare is nothing like Obamacare.

I also find it interesting that Pam Bondi, the attorney general of Florida, who is leading the 29 state lawsuit to overturn Obamacare has endorsed Mitt Romney and is actively campaigning for Mitt Romney in Florida.

I find it very telling that FOX and other MSM outlets are not really talking about this very relevant endorsement.

Graham said...

Pam Bondi oughta be key in clearing up the load of visual diarrhea that is this advertisement.

Noelle said...
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Anonymous said...

I give this commercial 3 Pinocchios. I mean it even cuts out the section where he said that this "not" a model for the nation.


Lionhead said...

My, my, my what have we here! The "Romney way?" Which way is that?


As time progresses, more comes out on Mitts politics, his background, his contributors & now his father's background. Why would such religious folk as the Mormons be engaged with the radical left 1960's Marxist Socialists?

Which way are you going Mitt? Your candidacy is looking like a crap shoot because you never quite reveal "your way." Is it your way, or the way of TPTB that finance you.

Some here complain about the voters picking non-elitist candidates, but as history has shown, the political elites have completely "lost their way."

Romney, No Way!

Terrye said...

Another load of crap..

I saw an interesting poll today..it states quite simply that Romney has the best chance of beating Obama because so many Americans hate Gingrich and will not vote for him.

Apparently they see something that the talk radio fans in their teeny weeny echo chamber have completely missed.


But of course the people who listen to folks like Mark Levin on a daily basis do not know this..they are being told that a real fighter like Gingrich can beat Obama, that is one of the reasons Gingrich won in SC..the people are being told something that is not exactly true. They need to listen to other sources of information.

Terrye said...

Lionhead...the ad is full of lies..it is interesting that people who keep telling us they are all about the truth keep lying to us. Apparently you are fine with that.

But keep up the good work. I am sure Obama appreciates your support.

Ohio JOE said...

"Romneycare is nothing like Obamacare." Yeah one is against capitalism at the state level and the other is against capitalism at the federal level. Yup, miles apart.

Terrye said...

As for non elitist leaders...who the hell is Gingrich? He is an elitist..Palin is an elitist too.I don't care what home spun nonsense she wraps her propaganda in.

All these people have to do is use the word "elitist" and like Pavlov's dogs you start salivating.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..

Romneycare was the bright idea of among others The Heritage Foundation..that would be the same Heritage Foundation that Rush shills for on a daily basis.

And when it came out, it was supported by people like Jim DeMint who did not look at it and start screaming commie or something..they thought it was a fine idea until it suited them to think otherwise..and besides the people of Mass support the program..it is their right to do that.

And btw, considering Gingrich's history of supporting federal mandates I would think the hypocricy of an ad like this would be obvious to anyone with any objectivity at all.

Lionhead said...

Terrye, Mitt has more question marks than Newt. You know WYSIWYG with Newt, warts & all. Mitt, is ???.

Even when photos & video clips of the Romney's are displayed, you automatically deny them. Good God, the facts are right in your eyes & ears. Wake up!

Right now, the poll numbers show Newt ahead. Is that to be denied also? Where are the posts here showing the fresh poll numbers. That's right, we only see favorable Mitt numbers, never unfavorable.

Is there a better candidate than Newt? Yes, only he's down in the polls at midteen levels. That's the way it is. Accept it & move on, or abandon this mythological quest for Romney. He's just a man, not a reincarnation of some super hero. He's just as fallible as everyone else.

Doug NYC GOP said...

What Girly Man posted this?

Oh right....

'nough said.

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Doug

I notice a couple things here in the clip that were nicely edited and incomplete from the original statements Romney made, taken out of context, but Romney is not whining or crying about superPAC ads. Had this been Newt, God we wouldnt be hearing the end of it.

Lionhead said...

“The average citizen is the world’s most efficient censor. His own mind is the greatest barrier between him and the facts. His own ‘logic proof compartments,’ his own absolutism are the obstacles which prevent him from seeing in terms of experience and thought rather than in terms of group reaction.”

Edward Bernays, "Crystallizing Public Opinion"

Anonymous said...

It appears that Newt was very excited about the RomneyCare and commended Romney for it.



Teemu said...

So it is ok for Reagan to have been liberal Democrat, but Romney's father meeting Saul Alinsky (his Rules for Radicals were published after his death) is somehow end of the world.