Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Demagogue Revealed and Threatens!

Newt Gingrich exposed his demagoguery self this week on Good Morning America when he threatened to skip the debates if his mob is not allowed to disrupt and throw their verbal eggs at the candidates. This is a total admission that he is indeed a demagogue practicing in demagoguery. His meteoric rise in the polls is due to a very vocal mob that he has whipped into a frenzy with his unabashed dishonest rhetoric and red meat. Monday night he continued to spread inaccuracies and falsehoods and without his mob to reinforce his nonsensical angry argument he fell flat like a bad joke. In the past he used his populist attacks to distract viewers from his outlandish arguments and false accusations to the roar of the mob crowd. Like a good fascist he embraced their chief motto, "the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed."

The GOP Monday night was spared the intrusiveness of a overly vocal minority and overbearing mob and Gingrich was laughable as he gesticulated in anger over the facts of his career in Washington as a politician and later in Washington as a bought and paid for lobbyist. He would like everyone to own their past but he is asking the GOP to kick his tires and buy his car. He released a one year 300k dollar contract with Freddie but won't release the original contracts estimated at over 1.6 million. He released one year of taxes but has yet to release more all the while demanding it from other candidates. He won't release the papers from the congressional ethics investigation in which he was the only Speaker of the House to be censored while in office and fined 300k dollars in ethics violations. He asks the GOP to check the front bumper of the car and ensures us that the rest of the vehicle is tip top but shouts, "don't look in the trunk!" Only a egotistical megalomaniac could rationalize that. He lacks judgment, sobriety, ethics, morality, constancy, sanity and is 100% unelectable as a national candidate for the highest office.

We hope that he makes good on his threat and pulls out of the debates to throw another one of his many documented temper tantrums. The candidates and electorate would be spared a night of rash statements and evasive answers to perfectly acceptable questions. If the rules were in place in South Carolina to control the mob of the demagogue he would be sitting at home now with Callista, as long as she stays healthy, collecting "historian" fees from Freddie at 25k per month. Let's hope that the rotund Napoleon begins another one of his meteoric falls in the polls and this time for good. The GOP should be spared the demagogue and his mob. South Carolina pulled the union into a un-winable war once. Let's not let South Carolina do it again.

Update: CNN will allow the demagogic mob to jeer in tomorrows debate. Reality TV 1 : America 0

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Anonymous said...

Newt is horrible. i don't think people, or myself understand how bad he really is. I think that the point made in this is right on. I dont think newt can beat obama and Im pretty sure that no one but Romney can. GET OVER IT AMERICA! Mormons are christians... as far as I can see that is the only problem people have with mitt. if he were a baptist minister, hed have won SC. but they are so worried about mormons. I live next door to mormons and they seem pretty nice and are very friendly people.

Anonymous said...

well said.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Welcome Nemo!

Nice job - excellent graphics!

Newt looked really bad in the direct confrontation with Romney Monday night and w/o that cheering mob, his anger really came off as hollow.

This Angry Act will not play much longer and I doubt Newt will roll it out on Thursdat night.

Ginrich now has too many fronts open in the war.

He has to explain Freddie.

He has to explain Ethics Charges.

He can't attack Media again after he botched the Marianne rebuttal. Turns out he didn't have any witnesses for ABC News to rebut the Open Marriage charge.

He has mangled theImmigration debate and has Rubio slapping him around like Moe did to Larry and Curly.

Then we have the Moon Colony ideas. While it be a great GRANDIOSE idea, it illustrates how quickly Newt can get off message and has to constantly proove how "BIG" a thinker he is.

Defensive Newt is not the same as Angry Newt and this week the issues he faces require explanations not explosions.

Not looking good.

Anonymous said...

Excellent observations. And the graphics are spot on.


Terrye said...

I thought the Huckabee format was a good one..they all got their chance to talk one on one with the panel and there was not a lot of yelling and feet stomping and all that.

I just hope no one throws their panties at Newtie..or anything else.

I hear Beck is getting death threats from the Newt supporters because he does not see the wonderfulness that is Newt..this man has always been a disaster for his party. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Obama will be watching too. I bet he is salivating at the thought of going up against Newt.

Terrye said...

BTW, I just read a report that stated that Newt Gingrich conceded the fact that he did not actually offer rebuttal witnesses for the interview with Newt's ex..that Newt did in fact lie when he said that there were such witnesses..John King said he did an investigation of his staff to try and find if such witnesses existed...they did not and Gingrich conceded the fact. That means that when the mob was hootin and hollerin for a lie..that is Newt in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

CNN should question on that fact tonight then!

I emailed many at CNN that the debates are not a sporting event.....cheering/booing/ranting....not desired in this process! NOW when ONE of them feeds red meat to the audience and NEEDS that affirmation himself. REALLY, Americans?? Don't be duped by a man w/out a core!

Anonymous said...

The cartoons are great, loved them.

Machtyn said...

I don't think the CNN debate tonight will be a raucous event, not like SC. They said they'll allow clapping and cheering as long as it does not get out of hand.

I would hope they reduce that to just clapping. And, hopefully, the crowd will be just as stacked for one candidate as any of the other candidates.

BOSMAN said...

Welcome PN,

Loved the graphics also and I'm looking forward to your input on RS.