Monday, January 23, 2012

Ann Coulter talks Romney & Gingrich on 'Fox & Friends' (01-22-12)

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Coulter is just saying what should be obvious to everyone. The fact she has to say it, and that voters in SC were too stupid to know it, is truly scary.


Anonymous said...

That is what I have been saying for the longest time...The ABR people in all honesty appear to be emotional Democrats who aren't thinking with their heads. They just want someone with a big mouth who can yell.

Maybe the ABR crowd should recruit Roseanne Barr to be their ABR candidate. I am sure if you pay her enough,she will say anything...just like Newty.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is in shock. She can’t believe that her book DEMONIC, which details the irrational mob mentality of the Democrat Party, is proving true of her own Republican Party. That’s her stunned conclusion based on South Carolina’s 1/21/12 primary results.

We are reaping the whirlwind of the Tea Party, which, ABOVE ALL ELSE, opposes “the Republican establishment.” If that means losing the Presidency and the House in 2012, so be it. It doesn’t matter who the nominee is, what his record is, or what his character flaws are—as long as he lacerates Obama verbally, pretends to attack the media, and says he opposes “the Republican establishment.”

The Tea Party’s support has veered from Bachman to Perry to Cain to Gingrich. Only Bachman legitimately earned their favor, but she was quickly abandoned.

The latest Tea Party darling, Gingrich, is the ultimate proof of the faux movement’s bad faith. Everyone knows that Gingrich is a career Washington insider, with offices on K-Street, home in the D.C. suburbs, and lucrative connections throughout the federal government (including but not limited to Fannie, Freddie, and Nancy). Virtually everyone agrees that Gingrich can never win the general election against Obama in November.

None of this matters to the Tea Party’s angry acolytes. Like irrational adolescents, they want nothing more than to stick a finger in the eye of the parental “Republican establishment.”

To do this, they’ve declared one candidate the scapegoat for the entire GOP “establishment”—and they oppose him relentlessly. That candidate is Mitt Romney. Unlike Gingrich, Romney is NOT a D.C. insider, NOT a career politician, and NOT a long-term government employee/pensioner/lobbyist.

Tough luck, Mitt, the Tea Party has decided that YOU are the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann. You were always my favorite. I love how sane she is. Romney 2012!

We're fixing this frickin country whether you morons like it or not!