Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today's TV Buzz on Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney

John Sununu on Newt Gingrich:

The following is an audio snippet from a conference call this morning from The Mitt Romney campaign.

Here is the transcript of the entire conference call:

Here is Dan Quayle on the Today Show talking about Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney:

Here is The Morning Joe crowd airing a clip of Chris Christie:

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Machtyn said...

Excellent phone conference by Sununu and Talent. Some very positive words.

Sen. Talent kept stating that he didn't like doing this kind of thing (bad mouthing another person?), but that it was necessary, because Newt is not President material and Mitt Romney really is. The stakes are too high to mess this up (again).

Anonymous said...

Very good points from both Talent and Sununu. They're doing this because the prospects of a Newt nomination scare them to death.

I don't remember the establishment coming out so strongly for anyone a this point in 07-08.

Old Timer said...

Sununu is as or more brilliant than Newt.

That would be a debate I would pay to see.

My money would be on Sununu.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant is as brilliant does. I'm going to go with Newt's not brilliant.


Anonymous said...

RWN, OJ? You here? Can you come up w/ some reason why these intelligent, accomplished men are off their collective rockers on their assessment of Newt. BTW, did you hear Rep Peter King's honest and intelligent assessement of the the former speaker yesterday? People need to start listening to these former collegues' first-hand accounts of their experience w/ Newt and what makes him, while a great 'ideas' guy, totally unqualified to be the CinC

Anonymous said...

Anon. Dont you know the latest argument for Newt? He's ANTI-establishment by virtue of the fact that these guys are coming out against Newt. WE HAVE TO support him, otherwise the establishment is going to get their way AGAIN!

It couldn't be that anything they are saying is true. Nah.


Anonymous said...

Newt an "anti-establishment" guy? That's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one. Look. I like Newt for his ideas (when they're not jumping around like my 4 yr old on a trampoline)and his ability to "sound" articulate and tough when you need him to be. Newt is an ideas or theories guy, where Mitt has actually proven how ideas can produce RESULTS. Newt = talk; Mitt = action. He is the ONLY true, proven leader.