Monday, December 19, 2011

Seacoast Media Group of New Hampshire Endorses Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney picked up a big endorsement on Sunday from one of the Seacoast's biggest newspaper companies.

Seacoast Media Group, the parent company of the Portsmouth Herald, Hampton Union and Exeter News-Letter, on Sunday announced that it is endorsing Romney for the GOP presidential nomination.

In its endorsement, the company said Romney stands "head and shoulders above the rest of the field" and is the Republican candidate best suited to restoring "health and vigor to the American economy.":

The following are excerpts from the Seacoast Media Groups endorsement of Mitt Romney:
We believe the president's top priority for the next four years will be restoring health and vigor to the American economy, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate best suited to the task.

Romney, who launched his presidential bid at the Scammans' Bittersweet Farm in Stratham, has proven his financial acumen at every step of his career. He mastered the art of the business turnaround at Bain & Co. in Boston and his success led to his founding of Bain Capital, a private equity fund now overseeing $65 billion in assets. Bain became a world leader by managing and investing in such well-known companies as Hospital Corp. of America, parent company of Portsmouth Regional Hospital; Burger King; Staples; Toys "R" Us; and Sports Authority, to name just a few.

When the Salt Lake City Olympics was in trouble, Utah's governor hired Romney to make the rescue. He took over an Olympic organization that was losing so much money so fast, it was considering scaling back events. Romney's leadership transformed the quadrennial games into a winner that turned a $100 million profit.

As George W. Bush famously stated, the president is "the decider." Having capable advisers is important, but once all the conflicting cases have been presented, the president needs to choose a course of action. We feel confident that, when faced with choices about the direction of our nation's economy and governance, Romney will make sound decisions. And there's no question Romney in the White House will instill confidence in our nation's businesses and financial markets.
Read the rest of the endorsement HERE.

I've found a couple of short videos from Romney's interview with the Portsmouth Herald Editorial Board in November:

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Anonymous said...

Romney 2012!

larry said...

Another big endorsement for Romney in NH.

Things are really looking up now.

larry said...

Wake up ABR Republicans.

ConMan said...

Every little bit helps. PPP is coming out today with Romney rolling over everyone in New Hampshire.

Revolution 2012 said...

That's a nice endorsement. It covers pretty much all of southern NH.