Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rasmussen Poll: Romney Leading in Iowa. Gingrich down by 12

GOP Nomination: (results from November 17)

Mitt Romney 23% (19%)
Newt Gingrich 20% (32%)
Ron Paul 18% (10%)
Rick Perry 10% (6%)
Michele Bachmann 9% (6%)
Rick Santorum 6% (5%)
Jon Huntsman 5% (2%)
A survey of 750 likely Iowa Republican Caucus participants was conducted December 13, 2011. The MOE is +/-4%.
The full story is HERE.

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GetReal said...

I hope Gordon sees this. That poor guy was seriously disheartened by the ABC talking heads and the DNC #Occupy Twitter stunt after the last debate.

GetReal said...

Oh, and for Gordon...

Speaker Moonbeam: Houston, we have a problem!

Graham said...

As excited as I am for Newt's collapse, I must say: these results are from before Thanksgiving. That predates the Newt Boom, does it not?

GetReal said...

These numbers are from two days ago. When do you celebrate Thanksgiving, Graham?

Anonymous said...

GetReal...Yep, this cycle has driven me to the loony bin from time to time. My wife CAN'T WAIT for the primary to be over...haha.
I'm a geek, what can I say. Thanks for the shout out and throwing out the greatest nickname I've heard in a long time.


Graham said...

I just saw at the top that the numbers are "from November 17th." Perhaps I misunderstood, GR.

GetReal said...

That line refers to (previous results) i.e.

Mitt Romney 23% (19%)

The results in () are from November 17th. Read the italicized line to see "A Survey of 750 likely Republican Caucus participants was conducted December 13, 2011. The MOE is +/-4%.

GetReal said...

Looking at it again, I can definitely see how it could confuse someone not used to reading polls. They could stand to make it a lot clearer.

Anonymous said...

Newt says "Im going to be the nominee!"

Anonymous said...



Ben said...

I've had Fox News on all morning ONLY NOW, have they mentioned the new Rasmussen Iowa Poll with Romney leading.

No mention of Suffolk yet with Romney up 18. Suffolk BTW, a very reliable polling Co in the North East.

Terrye said...

HA Ha!!!!!

leighrow said...

Where's Right Wingnut?

No comments from RW?--Ha ha ha..just joking:)

Get Real-Speaker Moonbeam..good one!