Friday, December 9, 2011

Newt Gingrich, The Outsider

I have been pleasantly surprised at how the Republican establishment has pulled out the long knives on Newt. Of course, they shouldn't complain. Most of these same figures spent the past three years remaining silent while the conservative media created the environment that has allowed Newt to thrive. They made their bed and now they don't want to sleep in it.

Nevertheless, here is Gingrich responding to the tardy cavalry.
"I think that the efforts of the establishment to flail around and hit me from every direction, I'm too far to the right I'm too far to the tells you the emotional trauma of having a genuine outsider emerge as the frontrunner. 
Newt is a outsider, folks. I just threw up in my mouth.

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Anonymous said...

But Pablo, this is the new Newt narrative. If the establishment is against Newt, he MUST be the grassroots choice! They must defend him from the ESTABLISHMENT!

Never mind that what they say about him might possibly be true. Never mind he's made millions being the ultimate DC insider. Never mind that he does things like throwing Ryan under the bus---all the time, and forget his 1000 flip-flops. Forget also that he believes in not just big, but huge government solution--as he calls them.

The best thing the so called 'elite' center-right media like Noonan and Krauthammer can do now is to fully embrace Newt and slobber all over him.

Sadly, this is how utterly STUPID the pitchfork crowd is.


Anonymous said...

genuine outsider? LOL....sure newt, you can call yourself that. "mr insider"

Terrye said...

Newt Gingrich is not a sane man. There is no other way you can explain his capacity to create for himself an entirely new reality when the old one does not suit him.

Teemu said...

Milder form of bipolar disorder helps him to twist reality so that even he believes it, and he can say this kind of stuff with straight face. That's the secret behind Gingrichs's infamous reality distortion field

Anonymous said...

Whoever buys Newt's sob story of the outsider isn't smart enough to vote.....period.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, real quick...who is the Republican Establishment again? Because I thought your argument was that Fox News and the Talk Radio Brigade led by Rush and Beck are the Establishment but now it seems like you're not so sure?