Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Hampshire: Foster's Daily Democrat/Sunday Citizen endorses Mitt Romney

H/T Doug
While making our endorsement in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary, Foster's Sunday Citizen is not going to spend endless words addressing much of the myth and mythology which has been used to attack Mitt Romney, who we believe should be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.
Our recommendation comes from taking much of what has been said and written in news coverage and slanted blogs with a grain of salt. Instead, we have chosen to read what former Gov. Romney has written. We have sat across the table from him, looked him in the eye and asked some pointed questions. As a result, we like what we see in, and hear from, candidate Romney — thus our endorsement.

Our trust and belief in the governor comes from years of knowing him. Since his last run for the Oval Office, Gov. Romney has grown and matured, as have his positions on the issues and his optimistic view of our country's future prospects.

Read the rest of the endorsement HERE.

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Right Wingnut said...

Mitt got the endorsement of the DAILY DEMOCRAT?


Terrye said...

Right Wing Nut;;vs the Union Leader for

The really big laugh is that Fox news is down 13% in ratings and the rightie blogs have made such asses of themselves in this campaign that a lot of their people do not even bother to read their crap.

Gingrich went into office in 1979 as a college Professor, now he is a rich man, made rich off of influence peddling..that is the real joke here..that people who laughingly refer to themselves as conservatives and who sanctimoniously preach to the rest of us could actually support either an anti semite like Ron Paul, or a big fat crook like Figg Newton Leroy Gingrich.

NH Girl said...

Right Wingnut,

The Democrat is a conservative paper in NH. the Sunday Citizen has a larger following than the Union leader's Sunday Paper.

Ashley Jones said...

"The really big laugh is that Fox news is down 13% in ratings..."

And this is during a time of high ratings before the holiday drop off is usually seen.

NH Girl: Thanks for the clarity. Is the Union Leader also a conservative paper? I've heard mixed reports, but don't really know much about the paper.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why this wasn't splashed over the LSM like the Union endorsement? COuld it be because it would elevate Romney, the candidate Axelrod and Obama fears. Why isn't FOX reporting this? COuld it be that this information would hurt their boy Gingrich??

I love how Obama and Axelrod coordinate their ROmney attacks and talking points with the ABR group and bloggers like RW.

I guess Obama probably will win the election. After all, if the Obama campaign can persuade the GOP to select the worst candidate in the GOP field then they surely will have no problem getting Obama elected.

Terrye said...


The people in New Hampshire will know about the endorsement and that is what really counts..

Right Wingnut said...

NH Girl,

Call me sceptical that you're really from New Hampshire. Either way, you should look up the stats before posting stuff like that. I've heard of the Union Leader on several occasions. The Daily Democrat? Not so much....

Foster's Daily Democrat is a daily newspaper in Dover, New Hampshire, USA covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.

The newspaper is published seven days a week.

The Foster's Daily Democrat publishes a Sunday edition with the Laconia Citizen called the Foster's Sunday Citizen.

Circulation: 19,023 copies

This newspaper is owned by Geo. J. Foster Company.

New Hampshire Union Leader is a daily newspaper in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.

The newspaper is published six days a week - Monday through Friday and on Sunday.

Founded in 1863, the New Hampshire Union Leader is one of the largest newspapers in the state of New Hampshire. The newspaper has had many names, from "The Manchester Union-Leader" to simply "The Union Leader." The current name was adopted in 2005. The paper was once known for the conservative political opinions of its late publisher, William Loeb. The Sunday edition of the Union Leader is called the New Hampshire Sunday News.

Circulation: 45,536 copies

This newspaper is owned by Union Leader Corporation.

Anonymous said...

RW, oh man, you're just johnny on the spot aren't you? LOL


Doug NYC GOP said...

Circulation aside, RWN/Craig4Palin, the fact remains you began this thread mocking the name of the paper - The Daily Democrat - thinking it was a liberal publication.

The fact remains your Sour Grapes/ABR campaign is just plain stupid, for someone who alleges to want Obama out of office.

I have to wonder how far your ABR goes.....does Obama qualify as a viable alternative for you?

Right Wingnut said...


Don't you see even a sliver of humor in the name of the paper? Lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Doug, what's funny is that RW is WAAAY more anti-Romney than I ever was anti-Palin. Just imagine that.


Right Wingnut said...


I don't think so, but if it makes you feel better, keep telling yourself that.