Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mike Huckabee's Presidential Forum (FULL VIDEO 12-03-11)

Mike Huckabee's Presidential Forum (FULL VIDEO 12-03-11)

Full Video:

Broken down into segments:

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Slick-Willy said...

Newt's answers were generally OK, but it was clear the two male AGs found Newt's answers unsatisfying and they held his feet to the fire a couple of times and did a nice job pointing out his liberal record on some key issues.

Romney was by far the best in this forum.

Lionhead said...

"Romney was by far the best in this forum."

Indeed, if you're looking for a blow dried, slick willy. last decade politico with his views decided by which way the political winds are blowing.

His performance was good, but he's no match for the courage, fortitude, & conviction of Michelle Bachmann.

What conservatives face is the "we have to present an electable candidate." Yes, but in many ways that guarantees a watered down RINO President that only slows down the march by progressives to the Socialist / Marxist utopia they seek.

This is the last election cycle before the US government changes into something of unknown properties. The 233 year political cycle has ended for the USA. Think carefully & choose wisely, as what you wish for may not be what you will be satisfied with down the road.

2013 will be the most difficult year in many decades for the USA. Any President is going to face very challenging conditions on day one after the inauguration. I say again, choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

Lionhead, I think Backmann has shown pretty good chops in the debates, but I'm not sure I could define her as terribly courageous. Maybe she is capable of great courage, but I don't think the situation has presented itself quite yet.


Lionhead said...

@ Martha, at this point in time, I believe her demonstration of courage was being with & being instrumental in the formation of the Tea Party. That alone took great political courage with such an unknown path ahead.

2013 will be the acid test. We need the best person of character to elect; the dayz of celebrity and fine tuning messages by poll taking are over IMHO. We are witnessing that morphing into 'hive signals' from tweets that are being feed into algorithms to distill the 'message.'

Candidates that are motivated by saying anything to get elected, or the intoxication of power, or the greedy pay off of money will not win the day for the USA.

Character & conviction will pull us through the hard times ahead.

Anonymous said...

Lionhead, I hope so!