Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mitt Romney wins the Washington Examiner Endorsement, Gingrich an NRO Anti-Endorsement

The Washington Examiner today endoesed Mitt Romney for President. Here is part of their op-ed, 'Romney is the GOP's Best Choice-The Only Republican Who Can Beat Obama'
In a race against Obama, we believe Romney will make a compelling case that he would be a strong and successful president. Here are three reasons why:
» First, when Romney sat down with this newspaper's editorial board, it became clear that he has thought long and carefully about what he would do as president and how he would do it from Day One. Just as Reagan lost in 1976, then spent the next four years methodically preparing to try again and for the day he would become president, Romney has spent the last four years thinking carefully about how he would be president.
Remember, Obama thought long and hard about getting elected president, but once there, he let Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and legions of industry lobbyists and campaign donors shape his economic stimulus program and the bulk of Obamacare. By contrast, Romney will on his first day in office send to Congress five major initiatives designed to boost job creation, and he will sign a series of executive orders designed to get government's boot off the economy's neck.
» Second, our economy is broken. Based on his long years of experience creating thousands of jobs here in the private sector, Romney knows how to fix the economy. As he says every day on the campaign trail, "government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does." To that end, he promises to cut individual and corporate taxes, reform the tax code to encourage growth and investment, and expand free trade. He pledges to slash unnecessary federal regulation and unleash America's vast energy resources to create jobs and free us from dependence on nations that are hostile to our country. He will, in short, follow in Reagan's footsteps to get America working again.

» Third, and perhaps most important, Romney will bring back to the Oval Office a faith in the ability of every individual to achieve his or her greatest hopes, and an unwavering pride in America and its limitless potential for greatness. He understands the American dream because his family has lived it. His father, George Romney, rose from humble roots to run a Detroit auto company and win election as governor of Michigan before running for the presidency. Mitt Romney made his own fortune in business, turned the floundering 2002 Winter Olympics into a financial success, and later that year won the governorship of Massachusetts. He has a capacious but disciplined intellect; he drives himself relentlessly but leads without using his whip hand; in line with Mormon practice, he gives 10 percent of his money to his church; he has been married to his high school sweetheart for 42 years and has five admirable children and 16 grandchildren.
Be sure you read the entire endorsement HERE.

Not to be outdone by the Examiner, The National Review Online had their own endorsement of sorts. 'Winnowing the Field' by the Editors. in this editorial, they point out why Gingrich would be a disaster. Along with Gingrich, The NRO points out that Perry would be a bad choice as well. leaving 3 candidates that they feel should be considered by conservative voters:
Three other candidates deserve serious consideration. Governor Huntsman has a solid record, notwithstanding his sometimes glib foreign-policy pronouncements; his main weakness is his apparent inability, so far, to forge a connection with conservative voters outside Utah. Governor Romney won our endorsement last time, in part because some of the other leading candidates were openly hostile to important elements of conservatism. He is highly intelligent and disciplined, and he takes conservative positions on all the key issues. We still think he would make a fine president, but time and ceaseless effort have not yet overcome conservative voters’ skepticism about the liberal aspects of his record and his managerial disposition. Senator Santorum was an effective legislator. He deserves credit for highlighting, more than any other candidate, the need for public policies that topple barriers to middle-class aspirations. Weighing against him is a lack of executive experience.

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Anonymous said...

I like the title Bos. The NRO gave a very good reason why NOT to support Newt

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tough week for Newt!