Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Help choose Newt Gingrich's Top Quality of Endearment (FINAL ROUND)

Back on December 1, I posted a poll to determine what qualities of Newt Gingrich made him so attractive to voters. The poll was devided into 2 groups totaling 15 qualities. Well, the results are in after 15,000+ votes in each group.

The Results are below:

A new poll has been posted today to determine that ONE TOP QUALITY. I've taken the top 2 winners from each of the 2 groups above and have posted a final poll to determine that one quality that makes Newt so special to his supporters. You will find the poll posted HERE and under Right Speak's chat box.

I know, it's tough to choose just one, they're all so attractive. Just try do do your best. My overall goal is noble. I'm doing my best in trying to see Newt from his supporter's point of view.

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Phillips Terang Terus said...

If you like this poll at the top, check out mittvmitt.com.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any connection Right Wingnut.

Are you saying that Romney supporters like Romney because he's changed his mind on a]occasion is the same thing as liking Gingrich because he lacks moral judgment?

newark hawk said...

Whenever Romney states a policy position that isn't phrased EXACTLY as he phrased it in the past, the Romney-haters call it a flip-flop.

If Romney says he plans to eliminate SIX Cabinet departments, then later says he plans to eliminate HALF-A-DOZEN Cabinet departments, that's a flip-flop according to the Romney-haters.

Is that all the Romney-haters got? Apparently, it is.