Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fundamental Newtisms!

Are you feeling frustrated trying to understand Newt Ginrich's towering intellect and adverb-laced verbiage. Fear no more! Oh sorry, the purpose of Gingrich's rhetoric is to make you fear. So fear a lot! Dave Weigel, who everyone should be following on Twitter, is compiling a list of Newtisms. I already submitted mine -- Newt's fear that America is becoming “a secular atheist country potentially one dominated by radical Islamists” -- which Dave has promised me that he will attempt to unpack in the future. Please send in your favorites to Mr. Weigel.

I believe it was Paul Krugman who said that Newt is what stupid people think a smart person sounds like. But he is just a big-city liberal. Fortunately, we have Dave who can break down Newt's gigantic brain into bite size pieces.

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