Monday, December 5, 2011

Are Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich, Two Peas in a Pod? We'll soon find out!

There was buzz out there last night, that Herman Cain was going to endorse Newt Gingrich. This morning, the Cain train has pulled back from this.

I Won't be surprised however if Cain does decide to endorse Newt Gingrich in light of his having to back out of the Presidential race because of the pressure of sexual allegations and improprieties that had become the latest focus of his campaign.

No, not surprised even in light of his ongoing spiel that Washington needed an OUTSIDER with a BUSINESS BACKGROUND to turn the country around.

Gingrich was THE KING OF THE INSIDERS and represents everything I detest that goes along with that title.

His business background ran the gamut of lobbying for Freddie Mac to scams that tried to milk money out of physicians and small business entrepreneurs, not exactly the type of business background I would think Cain had in mind when he ran on this platform.

Perhaps this new Gingrich surge is a reflection of the decline of American values and morality.

As Right Speak's two part poll points out GROUP 1 and GROUP 2 ( results as of 12-4-11 below), many of those who support Gingrich seem to be giving him a pass on all his baggage. It's almost as if the current mindset with many voters is, HE'S ONE OF US. Sure he's a serial adulterer and a former dead beat dad, well who isn't? Sure he has tried to cash in on his name. Selling his name and influence through scams and lobbying, WOULDN'T YOU IF YOU COULD?

So this seems to be the new mentality of those Republicans who call themselves evangelical and values voters who support Gingrich. In light of Herman Cain's predicament, would there really be any surprise of a Gingrich endorsement?

I'm hoping that Cain doesn't decide to go with the flow and can separate his personal misfortunes for the values he campaigned for. One way or another, we'll soon find out.

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leighrow said...

I think people really have no clue as to specifically what his baggage is and the significance and quantity of his baggage; But I am sure the Democrats and the LSM will go into the specifics if Fox news and other media sources to not delve into his baggage prior to the primaries.

A Gingrich nomination will ensure 4 more years of Obama. By the time the 2 debates come along Newt will be effectively neutered and will be the symbol of a Crony bloated corrupt politician who feeds at the trough of Big Government. I strongly feel that this election has already been bought and paid for by the Soros machine.

Teemu said...

The picture on the top left is Jackie Gingrich Cushman, the daughter from first marriage

Based on some google images searching this is Jackie Gingrich (nee Battley) the first wife.

Machtyn said...

Don't forget the Koch Brothers. Where do they stand on the GOP side of things? (I'm thinking they are part of the ABR crowd. I could be wrong.)

Teemu said...

I don't think they are ABR. David Koch supported him in 2008 primary and held a fundraiser for Romney this year too. To make your family 3000 times more valuable than it was when you inherited it, you need to have some level of common sense, intelligence and pragmatism, so I don't think they are ABR.

Teemu said...

*family company

leighrow said...

Machtyn...My thoughts exactly. I know Murdoch gave Gingrich 4.5 million for a book deal which to me explains Gingrich's soft coverage at Fox and I know Cain was supported by KOCH and I believe Koch and Murdoch are probably aligned.

I think the Koch brothers know that Romney can not be bought especially since the guy only took a $1/year as governor of MA. Why doesn't Fox News mention that huge fact? That Romney is not in this for the refreshing!

Teemu said...

Herman Cain had some staff who had worked for Americans For Prosperity before, but that doesn't mean Koch brothers somehow supported him especially.

David Koch supported Romney officially in 2007-2008 campaign, and hosted fundraising event for him this year. I think he declared that he is not going to declare support for anybody before next year, but I think that is more likely because he doesn't like media attention, and fundraising without endorsement is as good as fundraising with it, so it's not any statement against Romney. Koch brothers also started to support Bob Dole already over half a year before the Iowa caucuses so it's not like they are obsessed with supporting some nutty candidates because the most viable one isn't conservative enough.

Terrye said...

I don't know that a Cain endorsement is really that big a deal. It might be for a couple of days, but in a week no one will care.

I just refuse to believe that Republicans are stupid enough to nominate someone as unfit as Gingrich. Bachmann or Santorum would be better if they can't go with Romney. At least they are not crooks.

Machtyn said...

Terrye: I think that the hope is that with a Cain endorsement, it will stop the flood of his supporters from moving onto the next FOTM and finally ask the guy who is sober to drive them home.

MarkWalter said...

Actually, the Cain staff denounced the rumor that Mr. Cain was endorsing Newt last night, right after the so-called announcement, not today.

I cannot believe Mr. Cain would endorse Newt. He stands for everything that Mr. Cain was campaigning against.

ConMan said...
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ConMan said...

A home run Bosman.

You summed up perfectly the hypocrisy of the current state of the Republican Party.

And your poll is great.

Anonymous said...

I think it so ironic that Newt claimed Jackie was not young enough or pretty enough to be a president's wife. Has he looked in the mirror?

These egomaniacs are clueless about themselves.