Monday, December 5, 2011

Afterthoughts on Huckabee Republican Presidential Forum

Mike Huckabee, a former 2008 Presidential candidate himself, designed a forum that would give all candidates equal time, substantiative questions, and an opportunity to showcase their campaign for the American voter. There were no gotcha questions, no pitting one candidate against another, nor any silliness where a candidate has to raise his/her hand. As HotAir stated, it was Hucktastic.

Only one candidate declined the opportunity to answer the questions by Attorneys General: Pam Bondi, Ken Cuccinelli and Scott Pruitt--candidate Jon Huntsman. Mike Huckabee noted that Huntsman blew an opportunity that will definitely affect his campaign via GOP12

Watch the complete video of the Huckabee Forum via
2012 Election Central

Backstage at the Huckabee Forum via NYT

Mike Huckabee grading the Republican Candidates via GOP12 and the video below

Huckabee gets kudos for an improved, alternate format via HotAir

Vote online who you thought won the Huckabee Forum via WorldMag

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Anonymous said...

I like it, but would have liked it more if Huck asked the questions. The blond chick was horrible.


TexasConservative said...

I agree with you Martha. I had hoped that Huckabee was going to ask at least one question of each candidate.

But otherwise I thought it was a very informative, well planned forum.

Anonymous said...

I liked the follow up question of Newt regarding the Pelosi ad, ie a political or policy mistake. While I dont trust Newt on this, one thing is for sure. Newt can talk his way out of a paper bag. I hope voters see through this ando aren't deceived.

Anonymous said...


I agree...just look at this link from the past regarding Newts and Romneys views on Healthcare.

Tell me which one sounds like the Big Government Progressive?

Machtyn said...

The thing that needs to get a lot more airtime is the DeMint Forum. That was an excellent forum for all the candidates. But it was also a forum where Romney really shined.

Anonymous said...


Was the Demint Forum,the SC debate? I really wish DeMint would stick his neck out and endorse Romney. Demint specifically said this year that he wanted someone with a strong business background. A government insider like Gingrich is most certainly not Tea Party material and if politicians like Demint do not have the political courage to endorse someone then perhaps they do not deserve to be in Congress.