Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trump May Mount Third-Party Run, But Not Against Gingrich

It sounds like Trump may try to use the threat of a third-party run to influence the GOP primaries.

From The Wall Street Journal:
He’s done it before, and he’s doing it again.

In his new book, “Time to Get Tough,” Donald Trump lashes into President Barack Obama and threatens to run against him next year if the Republicans don’t nominate a strong candidate.


“He’s prepared to finance an independent run for president if he’s not satisfied with the Republican nominee,” says the real estate mogul’s right-hand man, Michael Cohen.


In the book, due out next month, Mr. Trump holds nothing back in blaming Mr. Obama for all that ails the economy. He claims Mr. Obama has spent much of his time traveling “around the world apologizing for the country” and “playing nice with China.”

Book tours and presidential campaigns have become almost synonymous this year. Mr. Cohen says the book would segue well into a presidential bid. “This is a very political book,” he says.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cohen claims he is doing all the necessary advance work, just in case his boss does pull the trigger — a decision Mr. Cohen says will come “in the first week in June.”

“I already mapped out everything that has to be done to be an effective candidate and what we’d have to do to get on the ballot on all 50 states,” Mr. Cohen says.

The Trump aide declined to elaborate on which GOP candidates would draw Mr. Trump’s ire, and a possible independent challenge. But he did hint that the billionaire wouldn’t run against Newt Gingrich. “He and Newt are close,” Mr. Cohen said.
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Anonymous said...

I believe Trump admires Romney as well.Trump isn't like the majority of bigoted Evangelicals and he also has stated that he liked Romney especially his China policy. I know for a fact that Trump has not met Huntsman and he thinks Huntsman's policy of appeasement is a "disaster" so I would think if Huntsman or perhaps Paul received the nod then Trump would run. So in other words, the probability of Trump running in a 3rd party is nil.

Terrye said...

Trump is a showman. That is all he is..my guess he has got some angle he is working here...a way to make a buck. He and Gingrich have that in common.

Anonymous said...

Trump had a recent youtube video on his account, saying he thought newt and romney are doing very well and that he will make an endorsement soon but not too soon. I believe it The 3rd party talk is just to keep him in the news.