Sunday, November 6, 2011

To Iowa, or not to Iowa, that is the question:

I wonder if Rick Perry regrets having gone after Mitt Romney in statements, ads, and in the debates almost as soon as he entered the race?

Although Romney isn't gaining in the polls, he hasn't lost any ground either. Perry, on the other hand has faded almost as quickly as he had risen.

Perry's only real hope now seems to be in Iowa. He was campaigning there last week hoping to jump start his campaign. If Perry could somehow win Iowa, perhaps that momentum would carry him into South Carolina.

Romney on the other hand, is running away with New Hampshire polls. He's also winning polls in the early states of Nevada, Florida, Michigan and is competitive in South Carolina. In the past few days, he may have been signaling that he will go for an early kill with Perry by perhaps being competitive in Iowa himself.

It seems that over the past few days while Romney was in NH and DC giving speeches on cutting government spending, he wanted to make sure while Perry was in Iowa campaigning that he new that winning there won't be easy for him. Romney paid for robo-calls that accused Perry of contributing to illegal immigration.

“Rick Perry is part of the illegal immigration problem,” Sheriff Paul Babeu, from southwestern Arizona, says on the message.

“A lot of the candidates agree we need a border fence. And almost all of them agree in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is wrong,” adds Babeu, a prominent national spokesman against illegal immigration who is weighing a campaign for Congress. “However, Rick Perry disagrees. Rick Perry not only opposes a border fence. But he signed the bill to make Texas the first state in the nation to grant in-state tuition discounts to illegal immigrants.”

Notice that Romney seems to be totally ignoring Herman Cain. Perhaps he feels Cain has enough going on and will soon self distruct. But is that smart?

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Terrye said...

Perry should be regretting getting in this thing at all.

marK said...

Terrye's got the right of it. I get the definite impression that Perry didn't really think this thing through before he jumped in. He was just seduced by all the people telling him how weak the field was, and that all he had to do was show up, and the nomination was his.

Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.