Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Romney to Bret Baier: "This is an unusual interview"

The Mittster was rather testy today. Newt's strong poll numbers coupled with the snub by the New Hampshire Union Leader must have him on edge. Question for Mittheads...are you sure this is the guy you want walking in to the lion's den against a community organizer armed a complicit media and $1 billion war chest?


MassCon said...

He clearly was frustrated that all the reporters keep repeating the lies.

He needs to continue to address them to win.

Anonymous said...

As opposed to who?

The serial adulterer?

craigs said...

I guess if you look for blah....you can find blah. You will never find what you hope you will not find.....a good Romney performance.
But I thought it was pretty good, especially holding Baier accountable for selective cut of past Romney statements. why would Fox do this ? Any ideas for a network that's Fair and Balanced


Doug NYC GOP said...

I agree Mass Con.

It's frustrating when these reporters, after countless interviews, a book and 8-9 debates,ask the same questions over and over. Now when a bloated windbag like Gingrich gets testy, it gets the hearts of the conservatives pounding.

And yet if Romney gets a little peeved, a Sour Grapes Palinista needs to make a headline post about it.

The killer qoute was Romney skewering Gingrich on saying its a mistake to back Cap & Trade, etc. Nicely done Mitt.

Bair was clearly trying to rattle and "get" Romney in this interview. Which is fine, he's following Papa Murdoch's rules. I doubt Romney will get a tougher interview anywhere else, which is good for Romney.

So I guess to answer the question this "post" asks -- Most certianly!

No way Gingrich gets even close to the 270 EV's needed to win.

Again, the Talk Radio supplicants want a loser nominee, in order to keep the flame of Palin alive.

So freakin' sad to watch bend over backwards to support a load like Newt, while throwing away their personal integrity with both hands.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Romney. He is the BEST EQUIPPED. Of course. No contest.

Thanks for posting this RW. Great interview.


Right Wingnut said...

Did you guys see Newt's center seat interview? They asked him much tougher questions than this....and there were 4 people interviewing him. Romney clearly wasn't up for that.

Anonymous said...

Palin didn't run. Sorry for your pain, RW.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another great interview.

It was nice to see him gently suggest that Baier get his facts straight and be better informed. Hint hint. That's the thing I love about Romney. He says what needs to be said without being nasty.

This was a fantastic interview, in spite of Baier's bad manners, and false premises. Romney hit it out of the park.


Anonymous said...

Doug, Rush and co are not capable of embarrassment at this point. So sad.


Doug NYC GOP said...

You're slinging horse manure now RWN, I heard that interview and they asked him about Pelosi, and laughed it off. It was a love fest.

Good greif man, do we have to have another post where you get taken to the wood shed?

We were down this road last week with your immigration distortion.

I notice yo poaid no mond to my little find of Newt saying all illegals had to GO HOME FIRST.

How about a nice little post about his flips?

Doug NYC GOP said...

Off topic but Dana Perino is sensible and a valid reason to watch Fox, along with being a major league hottie?

Anonymous said...

RW, it's pretty funny to see you claim Romney isn't up to any interview. Come on man. I know you like to sit at the edge of the truth, but that's just a little ridiculous, my friend.

Romney is the best interviewer we have. He can answer any question in detail, and with clarity, and be gracious yet firm at the same time. Every interview I've seen for the past 2 years has been excellent, including this one.


Anonymous said...

Doug, I used to like Baier a little, but he was pretty ugly here today. I would like to see him treat any other candidate that way, but I won't hold my breath. I guess he has to tow the FOX line.


Anonymous said...

RW, Did you watch the interview? Can you kindly point out the part where Romney was on edge? I didn't see it. I saw a man entirely pleasant and comfortable. He gently rebuked Baier for repeating lies.


Terrye said...

I watched the interview and it is obvious that Fox has a bias against Romney.

Maybe it is because Gingrich was part of Fox for years..but there was nothing fair and balanced about this interview.

At least Krauthammer, the most sane and the least petty of the bunch was fair, the rest of it was embarrassment to Fox's mantra fair and balanced.

In fact Carl Cameron said that Romney wants to expel 11 million people. That is so stupid..the fact that he does not want to give them amnesty, does not mean he want to expel them.

I sent an email to Fox and informed them that I have watched Fox for years, but that I find their coverage during this primary to be atrocious.

Imagine them grilling Gingrich like that..on all the flip flops, all the lies, all the ethics violations, all the screwing around, all the pandering to Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi, all the ego mania and narcissism and just plain bizarre behavior. Go ahead I told them..go after him. I dare you.

Anonymous said...

This is an unusually stupid post. RW has seemed to now dedicate his life on finding anything romney to cry about and that's just sad. RW I invite you to hit the bar scene, maybe meet a couple of women, maybe instead of going on google to find your anti-romney search, go to eHarmony.com and find you a lady friend, anything to get mitt of your mind, you have an almost weird obsession with mitt.

Anonymous said...

And I almost wished Palin would have joined the race, just so you wouldnt become the lonely and sad hermit that you are today. Romney could have given the best interview in the world and RW would still find fault with it, get a life RightNut.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the interview - Not sure what the fuss is about - Mitt did a good job of fending off one tough question after another. How do you think someone like Perry would have done under similar circumstances?

He provided a little bit of push back after the many continuous attack questions - nothing wrong with that.

Much better than his 2007 appearance on Meet the Press.

Right Wingnut said...


I'm glad you guys like my post. I knew it would get you fired up.

BTW, I didn't really think the interview was that bad, but he was clearly annoyed, and could have handled it differently.

Sleep tight...

Machtyn said...

I agree, he got visibly annoyed with the question about mandates. And why not? He put the answer down flat. He then backed it up with proving the charge against him concerning "say anything to get elected" is a hypocritical charge.

This was an excellent interview.

Anonymous said...

"DERP DERP DERP, I'm RW and all I can do is link to other peoples work. I am a parasite of original thought and I will never hold an objective opinion."

leighrow said...

I thought Romney did great and I love how he alluded to Newty when he said some candidates simply state I made a mistake when they change their minds on cap and trade and other topics.....

I thought he seemed courteous,strong and he is probably getting fed up with being the only candidate charged with the flip flop moniker when Gingrich is the King of the flip floppers and gets a pass.

Anonymous said...

A comment from someone about romney's interview over at RightScoop, seems like RW is in full agreement.

M_J_S Yesterday 08:51 PM in reply to MrMicawber

If you want to lose, vote for this F*ing piece of garbage.
Flag Right_Wingnut and 3 more liked this

Doug NYC GOP said...

Considering the edited profanity in the above comment, sounds very much like RWN.

I have to laugh at his hypocrisy.

Whenever Palin fired back, he was the first one crowing how strong she was.

For those who know, RWN has morphed into the "Craig for Anyone" of this site.

Same Modus Operandi.

Post inflammatory half-true comments and posts.

Then when confronted, run away or raise another topic.

(And you do Iron Man competitions?)

Doug NYC GOP said...

Hey RWN,

I guess I wasn't too far off.

I saw on a thread over at Race 2012, you were promoting this post and the weak "Decision Points" idiocy, trying to curry favor among the maggots like Craig for loers, causit and Sojourner.

You used to have integrity, man.

Teemu said...

"Question for Mittheads...are you sure this is the guy you want walking in to the lion's den against a community organizer armed a complicit media and $1 billion war chest?"

Much more than Newt Gingrich. The difference is that Gingrich is getting free ride from both conservative and liberal media at the moment, whereas Romney is not getting free ride from either. When the primary is over, the conservative media concentrates on Obama and Dems, so the media coverage is going to get actually better for Romney. Whereas newt pig will be torn apart by his baggage once the mainstream media and campaign ads take the aim at him.

Anonymous said...

RW had integrity? Must have missed that day.


marK said...


I'm a little confused. Hasn't one of the knocks on Romney been "He's too perfect"? "He's too plastic"? "He's doesn't show any passion"?

So he has an interview where he pushes back and now you are faulting him for for showing emotion.

Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that people keep reading and responding to RW's Soros style reporting.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his team are just salivating at the thought they could have a real easy reelection against newt. DNC has spent so much money trying to "kill romney", even with newt as the frontrunner, they are running anti-romney ads in 6 swing states.

Anonymous said...

"Question for Mittheads...are you sure this is the guy you want walking in to the lion's den against a community organizer armed a complicit media and $1 billion war chest?"

YES!!! I am very, very sure!