Friday, November 4, 2011

Power Outsiders Survey: GOP power outsiders are leaning toward Romney

This poll should help put to rest the sentiment that some Republicans are ready to throw in the towel if Mitt Romney is the nominee. Here is a poll of Grassroots activists (Outsiders):
The race for the hearts and minds of local activists in the early Republican primary states remains up for grabs. Mitt Romney may be the overwhelming favorite of the most powerful Republican insiders, but his hold on grassroots advocates appears more tenuous. That's the message of the latest Power Outsiders survey conducted by The Huffington Post and Patch.

Two-thirds of the influential local Republicans we surveyed in the early primary and caucus states have not yet publicly endorsed a candidate for president. Romney currently leads in terms of potential support, but both Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich have almost as much appeal, and Rick Perry matches Romney in public endorsements from our survey respondents.
This first graph shows that Romney doesn't have many more endorsements than the others:

But now it gets interesting.

It seems that many of these grassroots activists simply have not made up their mind yet as opposed to just not liking someone:

 When asked WHICH WAY THEY ARE LEANING, Mitt Romney's unimpressive numbers take on new meaning:

Romney also comes out on top when it comes to the LEAST amount of those who would not endorse a candidate under any circumstance. Here Romney does better than the others:

Mitt Romney 10%
Herman Cain 13%
Newt Gingrich 17%
Rick Perry 26%
Rick Santorum 33%
Jon Huntsman 46%
Ron Paul 48%
Michele Bachmann 48%

The full story, names of the outsiders, and other findings are HERE.

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Revolution 2012 said...

Great find Bos,

This should shut a few mouths.

Anonymous said...

It would be good news about Romney if it wasn't for the fact that good Romney news is completely embargoed at Fox.

And most of the web.

Yesterday, Romney gives a major policy speech and the Internet only had a story fed to them by NARAL from 2002 before Romney switched to fully pro-life. That is the most unethical thing I've seen this campaign. They just pretend nothing has changed since 2002 and Romney is still a libertarian on abortion.

So while Romney is putting out the only sensible plan for America, he is activitly being undermined by the right wing press.

I am beginning to dispear that the Republican Party will survive al the dishonesty they are pushing.

I certainly have lost trust in all the radio talkers and FOX news. I will never again see them as anything but rooting for the down fall of America, because they are blocking the only candidate that can beat Obama.

There is an embargo on good Romney news in the right wing media.

Anonymous said...

go Mitt ! It is up to you now !

Anonymous said...

Interesting. There's still lots of hope, Mitt. Keep working hard. Qualified voters are getting their head straight this time around. Unlike in 08, the unqualified voters dominated the election and went for Obama.