Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paul Ryan has great praise for Mitt Romney's Spending and Entitlement Reform Plan

I have to say that after viewing Mitt Romney's address on cutting government spending and reforming entitlements , I was quite impressed. I guess I'm not alone.

According to an interview Paul Ryan did with Jenifer Rubin of The Washington Post, Ryan was enthusiastic:
Ryan told me, “Look at what he put out! This is a great development. It shows that the elusive adult conversation is taking place, but all on one side.” He ticked off the proposals including block-granting, cutting the federal workforce and entitlement reform. He said, “This tracks perfectly with the House budget.” He was careful not to forget the other GOP candidates, adding that “Romney and others are serious” about real fiscal reform.

I asked him about Romney’s decision to offer traditional Medicare as one option in the premium support plan. He said that he and former Fed vice chairwoman Alice Rivlin had discussed that idea, and so long as the government, as Romney detailed, would provide a capped amount to be used either for traditional Medicare or for private plans, the same cost savings could be obtained under Romney’s plan as under the plan Ryan proposed as part of the 2012 budget. Ryan deemed this approach as “perfectly in keeping with serious reform.”
On the defense side, the congressman pointed out that Romney, like Ryan, did not take an ax to defense. According to Ryan, this places Romney firmly in the “hawk” camp, while setting forth attainable means for getting spending down to 20 percent or lower of GDP.

He dismissed that notion that conservatives should be “quibbling” over Romney choosing a 20 percent cap rather than 18 or 19 percent of GDP. Ryan told me, “This is getting government back to its historic size” at a time when the retirement population is growing by leaps and bounds. He added, “This is getting us toward a prosperity agenda that will allow the private sector to grow.”
Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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Terrye said...

How long will it be before Rush starts calling Paul Ryan an establishment toady?

In truth Ryan is a serious man who favors real reform.

Anonymous said...

When will the conservative talk radio and FOX news finally realize Mitt Romney's not a liberal? Only a conservative could have given that speech with as much fire, pin point accuracy, and passion?

It's obvious Paul Ryan thinks Mitt Romney is that kind of leader.

Kim said...

Ryan knows a good plan when he sees one.

He also wants to beat Obama.

Anonymous said...

I realized a couples of weeks ago that Cain's rise in the polls came in huge part because Palin decided not to run. A large segment of Cain supporters are Palinistas and are determined to nominate an unelectable candidate.

Romney's speech I hope turned a lot minds to come to his direction. We are now $15 trillion in debt and no one has laid out a plan like Romney has in tackling this problem.

For the love God, can Cain be stopped from becoming the nominee, thereby giving Obama four more years to destroy this country?


Anonymous said...


Maybe they're hoping for an Obama win so their candidates will have a shot in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Firecracker, not to worry, my friend!

Cain is going to fall under the weight of his own incompetence, and lack of credibility. It's only a matter of time. As it is right now, he's still a nice placeholder. I don't want Romney to be a sure thing just yet.

Sure, a lot of people in the GOP are not too bright, but eventually, the grown ups will take over.


Anonymous said...

I sure you are right Martha. Never underestimate the stupidity of the Palinistas! They helped Harry Reid get six more years in the Senate and helped a "bearded Marxist" land a seat there as well.


Anonymous said...

Firecracker, oh yeah, that's true. Good old Harry was headed for the door. I hope I'm right, too!


Anonymous said...

It is going to take a lot to restore my faith in the Republican Party to make wise choices.

Romney is so clearly the only qualified candidate and good part of the party would rather throw away America than let him win the nomination.

They have totally given themselves to the brainwashing of soundbites from decades ago played over and over and over. Their brains have turned to mush.

I do not believe there are enough actual moral people left to save this country.

Anonymous said...

Anon, keep your faith in God and your fellowman; we should not give in to despair. Remember, "God watches over fools, drunkards, and the United States of America."