Saturday, November 5, 2011

Joe Biden is Correct

Every so often, Joe Biden say's something that I agree with. In this case, he did it twice.

with a new Reuters/Ipsos poll showing President Barack Obama facing a tough fight for re-election next year if Romney is the Republican nominee, Biden acknowledged the former Massachusetts governor "may very well be our opponent."
Second. in reference to Mitt Romney's faith and the Jeff Jeffress comments: (I deliberately left Reverend off Jeffress name because I don't believe he should be revered):
"I find it preposterous that in 2011 we're debating whether or not a man is qualified or worthy of your vote based on whether or not his religion ... is a disqualifying provision," Biden told an audience at the University of Pittsburgh.

"It is not. It is embarrassing and we should be ashamed, anyone who thinks that way," he said in a long response to a student's question about how his own religious faith affected his philosophy of government.

Biden, who is Catholic, cited the prejudice John F. Kennedy faced in his run for the presidency in 1960, which he said had "totally legitimized" Catholics for high U.S. public office.
Read the entire article HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Bosman, let's hope that sticks, and that his fellow Democrats are on the same page. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but we'll see.


Terrye said...

Hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is setting us up for Sharia?????

Kim said...

"Hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day."

LOL, That is so true.

GetReal said...

I see that even as you tried to type "Joe Biden IS correct" your fingers refused to cooperate. But you are right, and so is he this once.