Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mighty Mitt's Strong Night - GOP Nomination to Follow??

The news headlines this morning are sobering for all the non- Romney forces within the GOP. After last night's CNBC Republican Debate, in which Rick Perry imploded and Mitt Romney commanded, Romney's path to the 2012 nomination is stronger than ever. 

Despite Herman Cain's circle the wagon efforts by the Right Wing Media and Newt Gingrich's upgrade in the polls, Romney has emerged as a "man of  steadiness and constancy" - attributes his rivals campaigns can only envy.

Here is a sampling of the emerging story line:

#1: San Fransisco Chronical: Analysis: Romney stronger than ever in GOP race

"With eight weeks left before Republicans start voting for a presidential nominee, things could hardly be going better for Mitt Romney.

The former Massachusetts governor entered November with two chief rivals trying to prove he's not the front-runner. After 11 days of sex harassment allegations against one and a disastrous debate moment by the other, both challengers appear in trouble.

Plenty of things can still go wrong for Romney, and he has yet to prove he can attract more than one-fourth of GOP voters. But his path to the nomination, which would pit him against President Barack Obama next year, has never looked clearer."

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#2: New York Times: Does Perry’s Meltdown Finally Clear Path for Romney?

"Rick Perry’s remarkable meltdown in front of millions of people on national television Wednesday night adds to the growing sense of inevitability for Mitt Romney — if only because he may end up as the last one standing."

#3: Business Insider: Here's The Moment That Clinched Mitt Romney The GOP Nomination (And Maybe The Presidency)

"Romney's strong (dare we say nearly passionate) response to John Harwood's question about his notorious 'flip-flopping' -- his biggest weakness and something the Obama administration has been hammering on lately -- will likely be repeated in the coming months and become a cornerstone of Romney's campaign should he get the nomination. And it's going to be a tough one for Obama to refute.

'I think people know me prettywell. Particularly in this state, state of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, this close by. Utah, where I served in the Olympics. People understand I'm a man of steadiness and constancy. I don't think you are going the find somebody who has more of those attributes than do I. I have been married to the same woman for 25 -- excuse me. I will get in trouble. For 42 years. I have been in the same church my entire life. I worked at one company for 25 years and I left that to go off andhelp save the Olympic games. I think it is outrageous the Obama campaign continues to push this idea when you have in the Obama administration the mostpolitical presidency we have seen in modern history. They decide when to pull out of Afghanistan based on politics. If i'm president of the United States I will be true to my family, faith and our country and I will never apologize forthe United States of America.'"

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Anonymous said...

This race will come down to mitt and newt. Newt has too many issues and he's a "career politician", I will go for romney.

Cain does a good job getting applause lines and I wish people would actually listen to what he says rather than just applausing for the sake of applausing. Cain is the 999 and thats all he knows. He takes every question in the debate and twists it and only answers with the 999 which is all he knows. He is like perry, they never answer the question given but turns it to either the 999 or texas. Perry only knows texas and seems to be running for the president of texas rather than the usa. In the end, romney is the best in policy and personal life to claim the nomination and run against obama.

Evelio perez said...

Doug, as always, informative and reassuring, there is no doubt in my mind that we are in the middle of helping to save America with our advocacy and support for Mitt Romney to become our next president and that we can all be proud of.....

Anonymous said...

I have sort of been spaming this article, because I was so curious about that question to Newt about Freddie Mac. And I ran accross this article.

I don't know how to remind people of Newt's real weaknesses but I hope this is a start.

You who know who is who should follow up and get it to the people who can get it into the minds of voters.

It is a 2008 article, in which it explains why the Republican congress ignored the warning signs even as George Bush and Alan Greenspan were trying to convince them Freddie Mac was going belly up.

Gingrich was hired by Freddie Mac to reassure Congress that the business plan was solid. He was paid $300,000 to do so. Gingrich doesn't call that lobbying, I don't care. It proves that Newt talks a good game but has no judgement whatsoever.

If Gingrich had the best interests of this country as a top priority, he would have joined Bush and Greenspan and maybe we could have avoided this whole world wide melt down!!!!

No Gingrich is not qualified to be in the Whitehouse.

Perhaps Newt, Barney and Chris could get ajoining cells at Gitmo as enemy combatants.

BOSMAN said...

"I have been married to the same woman for 25 -- excuse me. I will get in trouble. For 42 years. I have been in the same church my entire life."

That put speaker Gingrich on notice!

Anonymous said...

It's a good way to remind people that Romney is a steady kind of man. They complain that he's boring while they complain that he has no core. It's pretty difficult to be so successful in so many areas without a high degree of loyalty and constancy.