Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Incredibly Low Bar Of The Non-Romney

I think it would be helpful for us to review the utter disdain that some in the Republican Party have for Mitt Romney by examining their requirements for an alternative.

The first out of the clown car was Michelle Bachmann until she was quickly discarded at the sight of a shinier object, Rick Perry.  When the governor of Texas entered the Republican primaries, he was literally handed the nomination on a silver platter if he could but accomplish one task: not look like a complete half-wit on national television.

He did not accomplish that task.

Then all of the True Patriots clamored for Herman Cain, the man who was going to change government because he had no experience in government. Again, all he had to do was not go completely blank about a major war that the United States participated in while he was running for President.

He did not accomplish that task.

Of course, I am being generous to Cain. He went blank about a lot more things that just the Libyan war. He also has a busload of women accusing him of sexual impropriety, but never mind that.

Three strikes and you're out. So now all of the real conservatives are leaning toward a man who positively will not go blank on national television. Newt always has a comment and seems to have mastered the art of wrapping his brain farts in intellectually-sounding verbiage. Nobody will accuse Newt of not knowing something. Well, I will, but the real conservatives won't. Plus, he doesn't like the media, so it's like a 2-for-1 deal with this guy.

The only problem with Newt is that he has a lot of baggage. A LOT. Let's just choose the most recent juicy tidbit. Newt was paid between $1.8 and $1.6 by Freddie Mac as a "historian." I place historian in quotation marks because it is quite obviously not what happened. Apparently, Freddie Mac willingly handed Newt nearly two million smackaroos just for him to tell them that their business model is "insane." If you don't think that this particular piece of baggage is a deal breaker, trust me, Newt has others.

If all of the Real Patriots and Benjamin Franklin look-alikes decide to stick their heads in the sand and believe the unbelievable, then it really will only prove how strongly they dislike Mitt Romney. And if all of the fire breathing evangelicals decide that a man who is currently on his third marriage with his second mistress is better than a Mormon still stuck on his original wife, then it really displays that their disdain for a given religion is more important than the values that they claim to preach.

The good news is that Newt is unlikely to win. There is an endless supply of low-hanging fruit that will keep any decent oppo researcher downing the energy drinks at night. Still, the fact that we are even considering Newt is breathtaking. Just a few moments ago, conservatives were mad that he defended the individual mandate and criticized Paul Ryan's sacred Medicare plan.

Now it seems okay, because we got to stop Mitt Romney.

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BOSMAN said...


leighrow said...

What I also find funny when comparing Newt and Romney is that Newt dumped his first wife while ill with cancer and goes on to marry his 2nd wife. He left his second wife about a day or so after she was diagnosed with MS and married his 3rd wife-the dear sweet Calista-NOT! He committed adultry while married to his 1st and 2nd wife.

Then you have Mitt who married his high school weet heart had 5 sons and is still married 42 years later.
Romney's wife was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and was also diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago.Romney has stood by his wife throughout her illnesses and never faltered, and the Right wing evangelicals have the nerve to say Romney has no core but they are more than happy to worship the Gingrich PIG!!!!

Alan said...

Herein lies the challenge for evangelicals. Do they hate Romney (and his religion) more than they love their country?

Machtyn said...

My simple review of the 4 not-Roms.

1. Bachmann: Could have been credible, but she barely just got started in politics. A TEA Party rep that needs to perform on her promises. She was unceremoniously dissed by FoxNews the day after her Iowa Straw Poll victory for Rick Perry. (FoxNews trying to show Iowa that Fox has the power, not their silly straw poll.)

2. Rick Perry. A guy who's opening act was a mirror of what Romney had been saying for months. But, scratch the surface a little bit, and you find he's not the conservative he says he is.

3. Herman Cain: The Taxed Enough Already Party was actually supporting the guy who wants to raise taxes on the poor and middle class.

4. Then we come full circle to Newt Gingrich. The Not Romneys want a person who is anti-establishment, won't raise taxes, will change the government's way of doing business, etc., etc. And... they... choose Newt. Yeah...

Michael Charney said...

I agree with you on your assessment: the first three are way too Forrest Gump for me, and Gnewt has enough baggage to do ads for American Tourister. Romney panders and flip-flops, making him very beatable. As a real Republican (i.e., not a pseudo, tea party, reinvent-history RWNJ), I with Huntsman would get legs. Recently the NYTimes said that he was the one most likely to frighten Obama; Huntsman comes out on top in virtually every scenario. But you have to win the primary, and my party's been, well, hijacked...

leighrow said...

Michael Charney

I too agree with Machtyn's assessment but I would have to respectfully disagree with you on your characterization of Huntsman.

Huntsman governed a conservative state where he passed cap and trade legislation. Huntsman also increased spending in the state of Utah and he supported instate tuition for illegals as well as drivers licenses for illegals.
Next to his cap and trade legislation where I really disagree with Huntsman is that his China policy is that of appeasement...which is really troubling.

I would also disagree with you on Romney's branding as a flip flopper. Romney is no more a flip flopper than any other politician.If you want to talk about a flip flopper look at Gingrich and Obama.

Check out this link clarifying the Romney flip flop issue.

Best Regards.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, you're on a roll lately, and this one was beautiful. Don't stop!


Anonymous said...


I was thinking the same thing about the start constrast between Newt and MItt in how they've treated their wives.

By Ann Romney's account, Mitt didn't care if she wound up in a wheelchair. Mitt said he loved her would stand right beside her through her MS battle.

Newt had extramarital affairs and left both wifes during illness. It seems to me he traded in for a younger model(wife) each time. He started with a wife who is 7 years older than him and ended up with one who is 23 younger than him.

Yet, there are those in the tea party and self proclaimed conservatives who call Mitt a phony, a fake and liar! Unbelieveable!

A big part of conservatism is moral behavior. There really isn't any conservatism left without moral behavior. That's the reason it is a favorite pastime of the left to accuse the right of hypocrisy. The right is suppose to stand for better moral behavior.

Newt Gingrich cannot convey the idea of conservatism, because he would be labeled as a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrite. His message would be overshadowed with this.

By the way, Newt is much more like John McCain and than Mitt ever was. Many on the right proclaim that Mitt=John, but I say it is more like Newt=John.

Both Newt and John are career politicians with loads personal baggage, without any real world business experience.

Anonymous said...

This is a turning point in the race! Having someone new skyrocket to the top of these meaningless polls with absolutely no chance of winning a general election! It's so refreshing! Oh wait! It's already happened before, several times! This is a clear example of why the conservative right is never going to become a major political force, they can't hide their own hypocrisy when it comes to choosing the only candidate that has what it takes to win! The good news is this is as all the others nothing more than a temporary bump, it will not last long with so much baggage!

Masscon said...

LOL at the Bachmann picture!

Anonymous said...

Huntsman?? Seriously? His polling numbers are very low. His state of UT overwhelmingly support Mitt.

How do you support that he is all "that" when the people that know him best..........don't support him??

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely AWESOME! I couldn't agree more...except with the person who thinks Romney is a flip-flopper.

hamaca said...

I wonder why Bachmann didn't choose that photo for the cover of her book.

Re Cain--it's clear he likes to wear that hat. Have we as a country ever elected someone who wears a hat?

Mitt or We're Screwed said...


Excellent article. Keep them coming. We discuss the very same things on my FB page. I'm embarrassed for my party right now. As an evangelical, I can tell you I'm ashamed of the tactics and things said against Mitt as well.

Anonymous said...

lol...that was spot on analysis. I cannot believe Christian conservative Republicans would rather support a serial adulterer who is on the take from Freddie Mac and was asked to resign as speaker of the house by his own party rather than nominate Mitt Romney, who is a good and honorable man. Oh yeah, there is that Mormon thing. I am seriously starting to think that must be what some of these idiots are hung up on.

Paul said...

Very nice essay, Pablo. Those "anybody-but-Romney" people think that they are clever enough to hide their bigotry. But for these pseudo-intellectuals, bigotry is the last thing they will cling to 'til they die. Bigotry is more dear to them than constitution, love of country, liberty, pursuit of happiness, or life itself. As Romney gets closer and closer to the presidency, they will go barking lunatic as they see their own relevancy dropping, dropping, gone.