Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fox News Poll: Gingrich and Romney on top. Only Romney beats Obama

GOP Nomination

Newt Gingrich 23%
Mitt Romney 22%
Herman Cain 15%
Ron Paul 8%
Rick Perry 7%
Michele Bachmann 6%
Jon Huntsman 3%
Rick Santorum 2%
Gary Johnson -
Buddy Roemer -
Fred Karger -
Someone else 2%
Too soon to say 7%
Don't know 5%

Head-To-Head: (results from September) 

Mitt Romney 44% (42%)
Barack Obama 42% (45%)

Barack Obama 46%
Newt Gingrich 41% (-5)

Barack Obama 47%
Herman Cain 38% (-9)

Which Republican candidate do you think has the best chance of beating Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election? (DO NOT READ LIST UNLESS REQUESTED) 

Mitt Romney 37%
Newt Gingrich 18%
Herman Cain 17%
Rick Perry 5%
Michele Bachmann 2%
Ron Paul 2%
Jon Huntsman 1%
Someone else -
None 3%
Don't know 13%

Regardless of how you plan to vote, do you think (NAME) has the integrity to serve effectively as president? (Yes/No)

Mitt Romney 55/31
Newt Gingrich 45/43
Herman Cain 36/47
Rick Perry 35/46

Regardless of how you plan to vote, do you think (NAME) has the experience to serve effectively as president? (Yes/No) 

Mitt Romney 59/27
Newt Gingrich 58/31
Rick Perry 35/47
Herman Cain 31/53
The poll is based on live telephone interviews with a national sample of 914 registered voters, and was conducted November 13-15. Results based on the full sample have a margin of error of ± 3%. Results among Republicans (n = 353) ± 5%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a surprise that Fox has a poll showing Newt above Mitt!! What a surprise that they will go on and on about Newt the "frontrunner"!

Fox is as much a "anybody but Mitt" group as anyone else. Thank goodness there are a FEW voices on Fox that have some sense.

I don't expect Fox to be Mitt, Mitt, Mitt........but honesty in the "fair and balanced" would be nice. Just like my Democrat friend said, "Fox has their agenda." Yes, they do.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Somewhere Jon Huntsman is waiting for his turn..haha

Terrye said...

I heard that Quinnipiac came out with a poll that put Romney out in several points, but I can't find it.

Ohio JOE said...

"Fox is as much a "anybody but Mitt" group as anyone else." Whether or not that is the case, that is irrelevant with regards to their polling.

BOSMAN said...


Maybe it was the Reuters Poll.