Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Herman Cain campaign accuses the Perry campaign of leaking sexual harassment claims

Herman Cain’s top aide is accusing Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s camp of leaking stories to the media about sexual harassment allegations from the 1990s that have rocked the former pizza company executive’s presidential campaign.

Mark Block, the chief of staff to Cain’s presidential campaign, makes the claim in an exclusive interview with Fox News Special Report on Wednesday.
The full story is HERE.

Here is the interview with Mark Block, Cain's chief of staff:

Here is an earlier related video:

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Anonymous said...

This had Perry written all over it. According to my relatives in Texas,Perry is well known for his scorched earth politics.

I think I need to unplug from politics for awhile,it really makes me sick to see the GOP destroy its chances for a win in 2012.

MITT 12 said...

Mitt Romney is the adult in the room.

Bruce said...

The way this is being handled by the Cain campaign is not professional. I hate to see a good and likable man destroyed but if he is going to accuse Perry's campaign of leaking this he needs to have solid proof. Cain has proven he is very ill prepared to be President and really should step down for the good of the party and especially the country. This is just too big of a circus.

It would not at all surprise me if Perry is behind this as he is nasty and will do anything to move up in the polls.

Mitt Romney 2012

Kim said...

I would imagine that the Cain campaign has a smoking gun.

This is much to big for them to make this accusation if they have no proof.

Right Wingnut said...


Nope. If they had the smoking gun, his campaign manager would have shared it with Baier. This is amateur hour by the Cain campaign....and I'm no Perry fan.

Terrye said...

I am not a Perry fan, but for heavens sakes all kinds of people knew about those allegations. It was going to come out sooner or later. Cain just handled it badly.

corep said...

this wasnt perry or anyone else for that matter in the race now. Jmart said he had been working on it for months prior to cain rising in polls.

Although you have to laugh at Perry spokesman trying to turn the blame to romney. I swear teh Perry folks have an unhealthy obsession going on there

BOSMAN said...

It's strange to think that this race might come down to Romney and someone who's got more baggage than the lost & found at Logan Airport.

Right Wingnut said...

Now, Cain thinks Rahm Emanuel leaked the info to the Perry campaign. LOL. Make it stop, please!

Right Wingnut said...

Link to above comment.

Anonymous said...

RW is right,if cain had a smoking gun they would have shared already because it doesnt benefit them to hold on to it, they want to put this behind mr cain ASAP. Also I dont agree with RW much, but he's right that the final 2 could come down to a romney/gingrich finale. He called it first and I agree.


corep said...

RW- raely do i agree with you, but this is Cain camp showing they are not yet ready for prime time players, and not even in the SNL sense.

wow way out of their league here.

Never thought i would say it , but Sarah is better than everyone in this race not named Romney.

Anonymous said...

Cain and Perry don't give a rat's a-- about what they are doing to our chances in 08 with this whole mess. IF THEY DID, they would both bow out gracefully because they BOTH KNOW they are NOT QUALIFIED, and are running for nothing more than their own egos.


Romney IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE besides Paul who has taken running for president as the serious endeavor it is.


Noelle said...

I would argue that Tim Pawlenty was a serious candidate. That's why he bowed out early. He saw he wasn't going anywhere, and decided it was best to work for another qualified, serious Republican.

This should have been a Romney/Pawlenty race.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, absolutely.

Pawlenty was indeed a serious and qualified candidate, and I believe he was in it for the right reasons. But he was too boring, don't you know!

I'll take boring any day over sheer ego or sheer stupidity.


Right Wingnut said...

Martha and Noelle, Pawlenty was my Governor for 8 years. He's nothing special, and I predicted what would happen to his campaign 2 years ago. There was about a two week period after his announcement, where I thought he might get traction because of all the buzz he was getting, but I quickly came to my senses.

Machtyn said...

RWN and others: I'm sure you've now seen that Perry deflected the accusation onto Romney.

Perhaps this was Perry's play all along. Release the info on Cain, then deflect to Romney.

Let me say, I don't believe any of the above, though. I still hold out hope that Cain is innocent of the charges. Some women throw around the SH charge for a personal golden parachute (or an attempt). I think Perry and Romney are innocent of any leakage. While it is in Perry's MO to do this kind of thing, the information among those in the know, knew about it and it was a matter of time.

Cain, for as much as I wanted him to be considered a VP nominee, has essentially dashed even those hopes of mine. Perhaps he had started believing his own hype.

Right Wingnut said...


I haven't come to a conclusion one way or another on whether the accusations are true. I think it's a mistake for Rush and others to give a full blown defense without knowing the facts. I've indicated that I would give him the benefit of the doubt until more info is released, but his reaction has given me serious pause. I'm not about to pile on to the smear campaign though. he just needs to do a better job of handling it. Sadly, I don't expect that to happen.