Thursday, November 17, 2011

Herman Cain and Cuban Foreign Policy 101

Herman Cain criticizes the nation's "foggy foreign policy," but he's not so clear when it comes to talking about Cuba while he stumped in South Florida.
“What about Cuba?” he asked. “One of my principles is: Go to the source closest to the problem. You will find the solution… I want to get from Cuban leaders [in South Florida] a solution of what we should do.”

After a translator spoke, Cain said, “I don’t want to take the pressure off. I want to put more pressure on…. Viva Cuba libre!”

The crowd roared.

Cain, who last week stumbled over questions about what he would do in Libya, seemed to know little about Cuba.

His campaign kept reporters at bay, and when asked about the Cuban Adjustment Act and the so-called wet-foot, dry-foot policy, Cain seemed stumped. The policy allows Cuban immigrants who have made it to U.S. soil to stay.

“Wet-foot, dry-foot policy?” Cain asked. His press handlers interrupted as Cain diverted his course and ducked back into the building. Later, when he emerged, he was asked again by another reporter. Cain didn’t answer.

“Gotta run, gentlemen,” he said.
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Here is the incident on video:

Why does Cain make stump speeches on foreign policy if he has NO CLUE as to what the h.. he's talking about? You don't go to Miami and talk Cuba if you haven't done your homework.

It looks to me that not only does Barack Obama have a foreign policy problem, that Herman Cain as he campaigns for the Presidency may have a "FOGGY Foreign Policy Crisis" as well.

What do you think?

On a lighter note, here Cain is asking how do you say delicious in "Cuban"?


Anonymous said...

Why is this guy even being considered for President?

He has shown no interest in learning about policy and issues and is doing nothing more than to try and BS his way to the nomination.

Anonymous said...

He clearly did not know what the wet foot/dry foot policy based on what he said. Wet foot/Dry foot policy?? Please Amercia do not put someone like this in office, at least Obama im sure knows what the hell the american/cuban poilcy is.

Anonymous said...

He's embarrassing the party now. Time to call it quits.