Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gingrich Reminds Romney Of His Support For Amnesty (Video); Update

Newt Gingrich sent out the following message this morning via Twitter in response to attacks from the Romney campaign.
@MittRomney Here's a trip down memory lane: So what's your position on citizenship for illegals again? (I oppose it.)

Update: Gingrich also tweeted a link to his "10 point plan to enforce the law, secure the border, and reform our broke immigration system."


Anonymous said...

This is out of context. Where's the full video?

In the past, I've thought Mitt's video clip soundbites were "gottacha" moments. That is, until I saw the full context.

In the end, Newt still has more political, not to mention personal, baggage than Mitt. Wheather people want to take notice or not will point out who is a hypocrite and who is not.

Right Wingnut said...

That's pretty clear, anon. Unless you can find the full video and prove that it's out of context, I don't see how you can refute what he said.

Doug NYC GOP said...

RWN - Captian of the ABR Team,

Nice try.

Newt's going to have to better than this.

Instead of cutting Romney off mid-sentence, why not go whole hog and just re-dub him saying he is pro-amnesty.

The more of these weak, inept hit posts you put up, the closer I know Romney is to being the GOP 2012 Nominee.

Keep it up.

Right Wingnut said...


find the full video and make your case.

Doug NYC GOP said...


You use to flip out when people took Palin out of context or only used snippets of what she said.

Now you feel it's justified to do against Romney.

You have a wicked sense of humor.

Don't hurt yourself bending over backwards to nail Romney on something.

Doug NYC GOP said...


find the full video and make your case.

Ha Ha HA Ha

You post a toilet job of a post, with incomplete info and then want the people who call you on it to prove you wrong.

We've been down this road with too many times RW. You need a tactic.

You are the one saying Romney once supported amnesty, YOU prove it.

BTW, I think your are closet Liberal, who beats his wife.

Prove me wrong.

Right Wingnut said...


Here's a more complete video. Watch, and make your case. Tell me how this differs from Gingrich.

Zack said...

This is out of content, here is the whole video and other videos of how consistent Romney has been:

Zack said...


Doug NYC GOP said...

Once again...You make the accusation so YOU make the case.

I'm not doing your work for you, especially when you try to put me on the defensive.

Lay out your case, then defend it.

Doug NYC GOP said...

I have seen this before....

support your accusation RWN....we are waiting.....

Right Wingnut said...


His evidence. It's sad that you won't even attempt to defend it. I even provided the full video. Did Romney misspeak? Has he changed his position again? Which is it?

Right Wingnut said...

Anyway....I have to run. I check back later to see if you figure out a way to spin it.

FastFacts said...

Right Wingnut,
This is completely different. Gingrich talked of giving those that where here a certain amount of time, in a church that they would get special treatment to get amnesty. That would be putting them in the front of the line. He did not support amnesty. And as he said, he has not come up with his plan at that time but that it has to have... a way to stay if they would be an asset but which way he wasn't sure at that time.

Then the question is when do they get that special treatment under Newts plan, 25 years like he said, deport the rest, 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, what about 5 years.

Rush brought this up and totally spun his quote and he does that every time.

Doug NYC GOP said...

The message out of the entire clip is No Jumping to the head of the line. No special treatment before LEGAL immigrants.

Far cry from Newt's Amnesty proposal, which is a mess and entirely thought out.

Like many of Gingrich's ideas.

Graham said...

Full content here:

Anonymous said...

The full quote
lets see unfollow the phoney Right Speak !!!

BOSMAN said...

Response to this post is HERE.

Terrye said...

This is a lie. You would think that if Romney was as horrid as his detractors say he is, it would not be necessary to lie.

Right Wingnut said...

Not a lie. His position was incredibly nuanced, and he used the word "citizenship." Mitt's carefully crafted positions always leave plenty of wiggle room.