Monday, October 3, 2011

Was Rick Perry in bed with sub-prime mortgage lenders before the Real Estate crash?

As Texas governor, Rick Perry spent tens of millions in taxpayer money to lure some of the nation's leading mortgage companies to expand their business in his state, calling it a national model for creating jobs. But the plan backfired.


An Associated Press review of federal mortgage data, court filings and public statements found that Perry downplayed early warnings of an impending mortgage crisis as alarmist. That's even as Perry's own attorney general would later investigate whether Countywide Financial Corp. encouraged homeowners to borrow more than they could afford.
As Perry offered $20 million in grants to Countrywide and $15 million to Washington Mutual Inc. – each blamed for having a major role in one of the country's most serious recessions – he took in tens of thousands of their dollars for his gubernatorial campaign.

The Full Story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

his corruption just keeps rolling in!!!!

Revolution 2012 said...

He is really a slimebag!

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Spread this article around EVERYWHERE

Massachusetts Conservative said...

You know those Communist/far-left protestors on Wall Street that have inspired other protestors across the country?

I, Massachusetts Conservative, hereby coin the term "Street Party" to describe this possible upcoming anti-Wall Street, anti-rich movement.

This word "Street Party" is mine and only mine. I just thought of it 2 minutes ago. Just to make that crystal clear.

ConMan said...

This guy truly was in the tank on just about everything.

Can you imagine the stuff that Obama has waiting for this guy if he were somehow the nominee.

He'd probably be indited before the November elections.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his people have been very involved in the sub-prime mortgage stuff. I think the American public would lynch Congress and the past heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac if they realized how heavily involved gov't has been in the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Alas, I don't think the press will ever delve into the Washington connections and regulations that helped produce the sub-prime problems. Just like the press has never managed to find anything Obama wrote as the Harvard Law Review editor.....


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