Sunday, October 23, 2011

Romney Praises Perry, Rick Stays Negative and Reignites Bither Issue

While campaigning in New Hampshire on Saturday Mitt Romney unequivocally said he could support the fTexas Governor as the GOP 2012 Presidential nominee.  "If Rick Perry were the nominee, I'd be voting for him," Romney said. "I believe every single person on the stage in that last debate would do a better job than president Obama."

Unfortunately, the petty and increasingly desperate Perry – who’s campaign has plummeted in the polls from the high 30’s to clinging to double digits, continues to speak of his rival negatively, by slamming him on the nation’s illegal immigration policy. According to National Journal:

Continuing the fight he started at the presidential debate Tuesday with GOP rival Mitt Romney over immigration, Perry accused the former Massachusetts governor of being "part of the problem" by adding to "the magnet of jobs" that attracts foreigners to move to the United States illegally. The reference was to Romney's hire of a lawn care company that later was found to be employing illegal immigrants.

That prompted a sharp retort from a spokeswoman for Romney, who has said he severed his relationship with the company after he requested it not employ illegal immigrants and found it was still doing so. "Rick Perry is a desperate candidate resorting to negative personal attacks because his campaign is collapsing," said Andrea Saul of the Romney campaign.

Perry’s petulance pales in comparison to his lack of originality, by copping Romney’s “magnet” allusions and trying to use it as his own. Romney successfully parted Perry’s well coifed hair and handed him his scalp with the terminology, in a late September debate, where Perry decided to end his campaign by saying those who didn’t support his plan for assisting the children of illegal immigrants with in-state tuition, had “no heart.” Perry later flipped on the issue and walked back the charge.

Now that Perry’s campaign ship is listing sharply and taking on water, he is grasping for a controversial life preserver, by re-igniting the “Obama Birth Certificate” issue. Obviously desperate to regain the political support which has left him in droves for Herman Cain, Perry shows he is a low level politician who is best at back alley fights, than offering leadership.

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MassCon said...

Lol. Just Lol.

Perry is desperate.

Slick-Willy said...

Amazing. I really can't up your comment MassCon, but I'll agree wholeheartedly: LOL.

Ian said...

I like the positive road Mitt has stayed on most of this cycle. In the end I believe it will be the deciding factor. And I mirror the sentiments above. LOL!!

Right Wingnut said...


How do you get the blockquotes to look like that? I like it.

Doug NYC GOP said...


I don't know, lol.

I first wrote this in a word doc and cut & pasted it in. I did use the indent feature for the two paragraphs from the NJ. Perhaps that did it.

The last two paragraphs I wrote.

I was trying to figure out how to undo do the look.