Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mitt Stands By Marco; Gains Support from O'Donnell and Sununu

Mitt Romney expressed words of support for Florida Senator Marco Rubio on Saturday, in regards to the Cuban-American lawmakers family exile embellishment flap. Romney said told reporters in New Hampshire: 

“I have the highest respect for Marco Rubio. I think his family's history of having come to this country speaks for itself," said Romney, adding: "I think the world of Marco Rubio, support him entirely and think that the effort to try to smear him was unfortunate and bogus." 

A Romney/Rubio ticket has been talk in political circles for some time and Romney appears to continue to hold Rubio in high esteem. The AP has a summary of the Rubio controversy here.

Meanwhile, ABC News reports the following: 

Christine O’Donnell, the former Republican Senate candidate and a Tea Party favorite during the 2010 election, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that she has not only given money to presidential candidate Mitt Romney but also says she doesn’t think he is getting a “getting a fair shake” from those within her own movement.

Hot Air has an assessment of O’Donnell’s comments and what they think it means. 

And in a very positive development, Romney is set to pick up the endorsement of former New Hampshire Governor John H. Sununu on Monday. As reported by The Union Leader, Sununu says: 

“I'm viewed as a good, solid conservative Republican and I'm supporting a good, solid conservative Republican,” Sununu said in disclosing his long-awaited endorsement. 

The endorsement continues a long line of NH legislators and high powered political leaders who are backing Romney this cycle.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope Mitt and Marco get together on a 2012 ticket.

Anonymous said...

it wont happen, mitt said its someone who can be president from day one and rookie marco rubio is not.

Anonymous said...

With the Sununu endorsement coming tomorrow, Mitt supporting Rubio, Mitt making positive comments about Perry, Mitt's wife Ann telling people in NV that Perry's attack on Mitt was good for him.
It appears Mitt is trying to unify the different groups in the republican party.

Right Wingnut said...

If O'Donnell endorsed anyone else, Rombots would be in full snark mode.

Machtyn said...

Over on Hot Air, this is rich: and the “Career Politician” website that’s more than a little ironic from someone who has spent the last five years running for President.

So, running for POTUS for 5 years is now considered a "career" politician? I get it, he was governor for 4 years and ran a failed campaign for senator. THAT is considered a career politician?

Yes, I know this is Hot Air and they've gone a little crazy...

Anonymous said...


but she didn't(c;)

Right Wingnut said...


but she will. She made that fairly clear.

Anonymous said...

O'Donnell, like RWN, will be welcomed aboard the Romney Express!

We have a nice compartment reserved for you.

Doug GOP

leighrow said...

What is up with Hot air definitely has a bias against Romney and it is glaring, so I take what they write with a grain of salt. I am to the point now where I am not even going to waste my time with their articles because I do not wish to support propaganda. propaganda is suppose to be a liberal weapon not a conservative tool.

Right Wingnut said...


No thanks. Save that compartment for Jimmy Carter.

Right Wingnut said...


Actually, it seems as though an overwhelming majority of the conservative media has an anti-Romney bias. Imagine if Romney had a formidable opponent.

Ohio JOE said...

"If O'Donnell endorsed anyone else, Rombots would be in full snark mode." Yes, I am waiting for Martha and Ellie to jump ship.

MassCon said...

If O'Donnell endorsed anyone else, I wouldn't be surprised.

What her words of support signal is that Romney IS acceptable to the Tea Party.

Noelle said...

Not every good person, not every spokesman for conservatives is necessarily a good candidate. Not supporting Christine O'Donnell's candidacy does not mean she doesn't have worthwhile things to say. As it happens, I agree with her that Mitt Romney is at times not given a fair shake by certain TEA Party factions. I appreciate her bringing up the issue. Hopefully some of her supporters (a la Mark Levin) will open their minds and look more honestly at Mitt Romney. Romney is not a perfect candidate, nor are any of the others. I've been out of circulation this past week, so I am not as well read up on the goings on of late, but all I ask of the GOP is that they assess Romney, as well as the other candidates honestly on their merits, stop being divisive, and rally and encourage the
Republican voters.

Anonymous said...

RW, formidable candidate like who, palin?.....hahaha very funny