Monday, October 17, 2011

Romney campaign working under the radar in Iowa

In light of Rick Perry's and Michele Backmann's fall from grace over the past two weeks, I was pleased to read the following article:
Make no mistake, Mitt Romney is competing in Iowa.

It's not the $10 million campaign he waged for the state's presidential caucuses four years ago. But the former Massachusetts governor, who has kept a low public profile here since his 2008 loss, is quietly ramping up his efforts in hopes that a surprise top-three finish will give him a boost heading into the follow-up New Hampshire primary.

"He's campaigning here. And he's running the campaign more skillfully than four years ago," said Joni Scotter, a 2008 Romney supporter who has heard from Romney several times this year.

In a sign of Romney's increased attention to the state, he plans to return next week to campaign in conservative western Iowa. The visit comes two weeks after his wife, Ann, courted Iowans over several days.

He's also has modestly boosted his staff in the state - from two to four - and is making fresh appeals to business leaders while staying in regular touch with key supporters and volunteers from his 2008 campaign. He plans a conference call with thousands of Iowa GOP activists in the coming weeks; it will be his third such call since June. And for months now, he has dispatched a staffer to represent him at every local GOP function in Iowa's 99 counties. He also is likely to participate in a November forum here hosted by Branstad and Mary Andringa, chairwoman of the National Association of Manufacturers.
Read the entire article HERE.

In light of Romney's 1st place showings in two recent Iowa polls, the NBC/Marist Poll and ARG Poll. If Romney can come in a respectable second place in Iowa, or even better, 1st place, the 2012 primary season could be over almost before it starts.

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Terrye said...

I wonder if Romney can actually win in Iowa?

Graham Bradley said...

Too soon to tell, but it's looking good for him.

hamaca said...

Even second would be considered a strong showing.