Monday, October 17, 2011

Nevada, New Hampshire...Boycott, Shmoycott

Herman Cain has joined the group of Republican presidential candidates calling for a boycott of the Nevada party caucuses in January unless Nevada moves its date to accommodate New Hampshire's demands for its own primary.

A spokesman for Cain confirmed Friday afternoon that “Yes,” Cain would join the Nevada boycott call, “if it interferes with the first in the nation primary in New Hampshire.”

Cain is the first of the front runners, and the first of the candidates with a ground operation in the state, to threaten to skip the big show.

The four designated early caucus and primary states, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, have moved their contest dates up in the last two weeks, after Florida bucked the rules by announcing it would move its primary from March 6 to January 31.
Cain joins Huntsman, Gingrich, and Santorum in this boycott threat.

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Any of those 4, have about as much a chance of winning the Nevada Caucuses as I do. So the idea of them having any skin in the game there and anything to lose with this threat is non-existent.

The time for boycotting was when Florida got the ball rolling. I don't recall anyone suggesting anything along those lines back then.

This BS is nothing more than 4 losers trying to take the wind out of what will be a Romney win in Nevada.

If Romney decides to make a statement on this, it should be something along the line of, "When two close friends get into an argument, it's best not to pick sides but just to let them work it out. Boycotting would be picking a side."

This is, much ado about nothing!

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Graham Bradley said...

I'm in Nevada. Romney took half the vote during the 08 caucuses. He'll probably do that again.

These 4 are desperate showboaters. This is Romney territory and they know it.

Machtyn said...

Agreed about the position Romney is taking.

However, this whole jumping the primaries to the beginning of the year is getting pretty annoying. I really hope there is nothing behind the stories that Romney is trying to push the primaries. For me that would be disappointing, but won't sway my vote for him.