Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Rush Limbaugh a HIPPOcrit or a RINO?

H/T Joe

I love it when someone takes the opportunity to nail hypoctrites with THEIR OWN words.

Case in point, on the John Gibson Radio Show today, he killed to birds (turkeys are birds) with one shot.
Larry in Arizona called Gibson to complain about Mitt Romney not being conservative enough.

John took this opportunity to hop into the wayback machine to find out how conservative Mitt actually is/was.
Press the Play (>) below to begin the audio:

HaHaHaHa!... way to go John. I wonder how Rushbo will respond to this? My guess is, he won't. Instead, he'll just continue to talk out of BOTH SIDES of his mouth.

So what else is new?

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Anonymous said...


Terrye said...

Well that was back when Rush was accusing someone else of being a Rino.

Anonymous said...

Rush and Levin just want 4 more years of obama so they can keep their ratings high.

Cain and his national sales tax and income tax will not go over well in the General election and Cain will lose.

I checked some of the Real Clear political General Election polls today and Cain and Perry were behind Obama by 12 points and Romney was tied with Obama.

Kim said...

This is hilarious.

I wonder if any of Rush's callers would actually be able to ask him to respond to this or would they be mysteriously disconnected for technical difficulties?

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney hasn't changed at all.

The problem is "conservative" now means "any one but Romney".

Mitt is steady, the whole right has flip flopped on everything. They simply have lost all connection to reality!

What kind of Republican suggests a National sales tax?

A liberal conservative, not a conservative conservative.

No big brother tax! No national sales tax!!!!

Ohio JOE said...

"Rush and Levin just want 4 more years of obama so they can keep their ratings high." That is a silly conspiracy theory. 8 years of Mr. Bush did not hurt Mr. Limbaugh and company.

Anonymous said...

Rush and Levin sound just like Axelrod. They spew the same venom at Romney. The only one with a plan. I'm glad I'm an independent.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Rush and Levin is that they've been in love with Palin for 3 years now, and cannot accept anyone else.

They also know where their bread is buttered--the segment of the party that perhaps isn't the brightest.


Doug NYC GOP said...

I read the Rush transcripts from time to time because I am at work. I read two oe three outright lies ( or if I am generous and give him the benefit of the doubt, really crimminal mistakes) about Romney and Social Security.

Now he shredding Romney as not being conservative.

Who dioes he want Perry who gets crushed by Obama?

The Talk Radio blowhards say they want tobeat Obama and when they are presenteds with someone who offers they best chance, they want a Christine O'Donnell.

They are the fringe now, after painting themselves inot a far right corner. They rep a small voting block and use manipulation of facts and conspiracy theories to prey and sway on the minds of the daily listeners, who can't think for themselves or shape their own individsual oinions. It's far-right group think run amuk.

They are laughably desperate now, because when Romney wins, he won't be beholden to them the way a Palin owuld have been.

I'll take an Independent Romney over any Talk Radio stooge.

Anonymous said...

Doug, this truly is a strange turn of events. We seem determined to kill our shot at defeating Obama.

Today, at AmericanThinker, NRO, and other various conservative sites, we see all kinds of lies and slams about Romney--and many, many people agreeing with Jeffress! Perry is skating on this one, and today Anita doubled down on the religion card.

Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if I want to stay in this party.


Anonymous said...

Doug, you would think that since people realize that Romney is the likely nominee, they would start thinking maybe---possibly,they'd better not rip him to shreds!


Anonymous said...

The thing that doesn't make a bit of sense to me is that Rush claims the WH wants to run against Romney.

Nothing could be more obviously wrong. Come on. Perry is clearly a dunce. He HAS to be the one they want. The man cannot put more than 2 words together, and that takes a couple of minutes.


Anonymous said...

I agree Martha! I am thinking the Party has gone off the deep end!!!!

They flat out lie about Romney. All over the internet. Lies and more lies.

They sound like all the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they're lying about Romney, and they are lying about Mormonism. It's enough to make me pull out my hair.


Just stating the facts. said...

This may sound racist:

If it comes down to Mitt Romney a Mormon or Herman Cain, a black protestant, when push comes to shove and voters are in the privacy of a voting both, there will be enough white Republicans and white independents that will pull the lever for Romney because they won't want a Republican Obama with little or no public sector experience in governing in the White House.

Romney will be the nominee.

Ohio JOE said...

"Yes, they're lying about Romney, and they are lying about Mormonism. It's enough to make me pull out my hair." Hahahaha, you would not know the truth if you saw it because Talk Radio busted you thrice.

1. Mr. Perry does not go to Rev.'s Church
2. Mr. Perry did not ask him to speak.
3. He never even mention Mormonism during the actual address.

Caught with your pants down again Martha. Next time do your homework before you disgrace your camp.

Ohio JOE said...

Yes JSTF, you are a Racist.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..but Perry took his time about repudiating what that pastor said, didn't he? And I doubt if he would have bothered doing it all if Bill Bennett had not made an issue of it.

Slick-Willy said...

"8 years of Mr. Bush did not hurt Mr. Limbaugh and company."

True. I believe he signed a $400M/year contract while Bush was in office. His ratings have soared far higher w/Obama. His next contract might be enough to buy him into an NFL franchise--can't have a successful conservative calming the crowds and lowering his ratings at this point!

Now that I'm done playing around... You're right Joe. I don't buy into the conspiracy. But Rush and Levin have done major flops here and have failed to explain themselves.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by these right wing blowhards and I am going to register as an Independent after this election. I really do not want to be associated with this group of lying bigots. It is really sad but these people are fragmenting the party and handing Obama 4 more years. I will place my last vote as a Republican for Romney.

Anonymous said...

The joke’s on Rush’s listeners (of whom I used to be one, before he ceased being funny), if we take this guy seriously. You’d have to be out of your mind to accept THIS man as the arbiter of who is/is not a “conservative.”

Rush is currently on his fourth wife, lives in conspicuous luxury, travels via private jet, is accompanied by bodyguards, and is effectively isolated from ordinary middle-class people – except for the sycophants and innocents (and, occasionally, the liberal foils) who are allowed to reach him via selectively screened calls during his 3-hour radio show.

Don’t give him the power to tell us how to vote. He craves the pseudo-power, respect, and political influence he feels he lost when Bush and Rove (who played him like a fiddle) left the White House.

Rush wants his groove back and believes the dunce Perry will be his ticket back to the Lincoln Bedroom.

ConMan said...

I can see Rush got caught with his pants down again.

The sad part about this is, that Rush's cult of listeners will be upset at those who are exposing his hypocrisy rather than the fact he's a two face hypocrite.

Makes you wonder how we became the party of air heads.

Anonymous said...

Rush is so out of touch that just this morning he was trying to mock Huntsman (which shouldn't be too hard) for the 999 sounds like the price of a pizza. The idiot went on to say that 999 will only get you a slice- until his staff corrected him.

Graham Bradley said...

I was driving a flatbed pickup in the morning on that February Monday before Super Tuesday in 2008. I remember the moment clearly, when Rush said the real conservative in the race is Romney, and explained why.

Yesterday I flipped Rush the bird for his betrayal of principle. I don't need that in my life.

Anonymous said...

OJ, once again, you need to read more about a subject before you comment. Perry indeed did know what Jeffress was going to say. The Hill had story about it, published BEFORE Jeffress intro, and Perry's speech.

After the speech, Perry said Jeffress 'hit it out of the park' meaning he agreed with the sentiment that it's better to vote for a 'Christian' than a Mormon.

After the hulabaloo, Perry refused to say anything other than it's Gods judgement or some such lame excuse. Even after he was called out by Bennett, Christie and asked to repudiate it by Romney. Then today, Anita Perry doubled down on the religion card. This is the strategy to win in Iowa, it's clear.

Jeffress is involved with Perry. He's one of the people who put on the national day of prayer. You would have to be extremely naive to believe that Perry did not orchestrate this. He knows that Jeffress is an outspoken anti-Mormon, and his campaign had plenty of time to review the intro.

This is Perry last and only hope because otherwise he's a dunce. By gosh darn, he's born-again.


Machtyn said...

Actually, Martha, I do not think Perry orchestrated this. I don't think he's smart enough to have done this. Since his handlers and advisers are also a part of this group with Jeffress, the AFA, et al. they instructed Perry on what to expect and say.

You are correct, this same group helped Perry put the Prayer event together before his campaign officially started. Then he runs around stating that he's Christian in all the different speaking events he attended.

They figure that is Mitt's weak spot - that he can't run on religion. They're right, but no one should run for any public office based on religious beliefs.

Machtyn said...

Doing a quick google search:
(Then limit the search for between 2007 and 2009.)
This search actually produces quite a number of results showing Rush's very kind words for Romney.

Ohio JOE said...

"but Perry took his time about repudiating what that pastor said, didn't he?" And Mr. Romney never did repudiate the Left for the games they played in AZ.

Ohio JOE said...

"You would have to be extremely naive to believe that Perry did not orchestrate this. He knows that Jeffress is an outspoken anti-Mormon, and his campaign had plenty of time to review the intro." That is all irrelevant because Mr. Perry did not invite him. But you fail to see that because of your bitterness towards talk radio.

Terrye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terrye said...

Ohio Joe, I don't know what games in AZ you are referring to.

Ohio JOE said...

Ah, so you forgot that Mr. Romney failed to defend the Tea Party from the ugly charges of violence. The Shooter was a freaking Left of Center dude, yet Mr. Romney had no trouble letting the Tea Party get blamed. He was AWOL!

BTW, Mr. Romney must be reading Martha's talking points. A few minuites ago, my local radio played an audio clip of Mr. Romney being dishonest about Mr. Perry and his non-Rev.

Doug NYC GOP said...

The thread is about limbaugh and his hippocrisy.

Another example of his being a double-speaking con artist.

He often said it takes a long time to run President. he said Reagan ran 3 times before nailing it. He made these comments when promoting his idol Palin, and how she had time to develop.

Now he uses Romney's experience as a slur, saying he is only doing well against Perry and the others, because he has more experience in debates.

Well which is it Limbaugh?

Do you want a bumbling tin horn like Perry or a man who has WORKED HARD and APPLIED himself to be READY to LEAD?

Anonymous said...


I really wish more conservative talk show hosts would do what Gibson did and call old Rush out on his hypocrisy.

Rush,Levin and even Laura Ingraham are single handedly trying to sabotage the Romney campaign. Laura went on and on about Cain on Oreilly last night and she tried to get away with saying something to the effect that ROmneycare was like Obamacare and Bill actually corrected her and said it wasn't the same thing.

I really wish there was an affective way to call these people out on their agendas. I am done with all 3.

Anonymous said...

Ohio Joe,

Perry is the dishonest one and I caught him lying at least 5 times within the first eight weeks he was running; and by the way Romney has campaigned for teaparty people like Michele bachman and Rubio and other tea party candidates.

What are you talking about anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hi Machtyn,

People should post your link multiple times on these tea party and conservative sites like the Blaze to make Rush and his followers eat his words.

maybe people would at least take pause and verify the information Rush feeds them.

Ohio JOE said...

"or a man who has WORKED HARD and APPLIED himself to be READY to LEAD?" Hard work does not in and of itself make you a good President.

Ohio JOE said...

"and by the way Romney has campaigned for teaparty people like Michele bachman and Rubio and other tea party candidates." He has also campaigned for anti-Tea Party candidates. But the real point is that he fail to speak out during the Arizona shooting. You guys cannot have it both way. You cannot accuse Mr. Cain of failing to defend Mormons (a somewhat bogus charge in the first place) when your golden boy fails to defend the Tea Party from the false shooting accusations.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..what? You are blaming Mitt Romney for the things the press said about the shooting in Arizona? That is insane.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe, Mitt Romney has supported Tea Party people as well as non Tea Party people. He has a right to support the person he thinks is best for the job.

People like Christine O'Donnell and Joe Miller and Sharon Angle were not very good candidates and it is absurd to blame anyone but them for their own defeat.

The truth is there are a lot of tea party organizations that are not associated with one another and there are times when they do not even support each other.

Ohio JOE said...

"Ohio Joe..what? You are blaming Mitt Romney for the things the press said about the shooting in Arizona? That is insane" It is acually less insane than Mr. Romney blaming Mr. Perry for a speak he did not make and some of you guy blaming Mr. Cain for not defending Mormons enough.

Mr. Romney did not want to challenge the liberals.

Anonymous said...

OJ, I can tell that this eats at you. I will remind you that the Arizona shooting was not a campaign event; the VVS is. Perry's camp DID know what Jeffress was going to say when he introduced Perry. What Jeffress said then was inappropriate, but his later interview with the press was definitely worse. The campaign was not responsible for what he said at that time, although knowing Jeffress for who he is, they might have expected him to say something like he said. If Perry really hopes to win a national campaign, this religion stuff is going to hurt him--is hurting him already. See Article 6 blog and the discussion there.

In regards to the Arizona shooting. You think it was bad from your perspective, you should have been living here. However, sometimes fighting back only draws more attention to stupidity and incorrect accusations. Sometimes being quiet about it is for the best, even when the accusers are wrong. I don't expect you to believe me, but I know that I am right.


Ohio JOE said...

"Sometimes being quiet about it is for the best, even when the accusers are wrong." Why is this true for AZ, but not with regards to Rev. Jeffress.

Anyway, as our local radio host and hostess told an irate Mormon caller "take it up with Rev. Jeffress, not Mr. Perry."

First of all, I agreed that what Rev. Jeffress said was inapproapriate. However, he said it during the interview, not the actual speech. This do not make it less inapproapriate per se, but let's get the facts straight. And while, Mr. Perry did agree to have Rev. Jeffres speak, he did not seek him out and he is not his Pastor.

GetReal said...

OJ - I don't fault Cain for his answers...but he was specifically asked about the Mormon issue. Where was Romney asked about the AZ situation?

Ohio JOE said...

"Where was Romney asked about the AZ situation?" No, he probably was not asked directly about this issue. Some people were asked; others were not. However, I for one think that his office should have released some kind of an official statement to clear the air.

GetReal said...

You think if Romney had put in his two cents, uninvited, it would have shut the media up?

Doug NYC GOP said...


Grow up aboiut AZ. Don't treat a tragedy as a political weapon. The only reason your nose is out of joint, is because is the one who should have kept quiet.

If you look at her drop, it really began steamroll after that video she put out. She should have listened to Roger Ailes.

BTW Romney was in the Middle East and he did issue a statement about the shootings.''You are jussed po'ed because he didn't speak out to defend Palin.

Get over it.

Doug NYC GOP said...


Romney supported many TP and non-TP candidates. He even sent money to the dunder headed witch O'Donnell, after that blundering move of defeating Castle and fumbling a valuable Senate seat.

The TP has value but it is not 100% right, 100% all of the time.

Turn off your radio. :)