Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is Herman Cain more qualified than Sarah Palin?

I ask because a majority of Republicans rejected a Palin presidential run primarily because she was seen as unqualified, and lacking in knowledge of the issues. Now we have Cain in the top tier, who seems to be much less knowledgeable on the issues than Palin is, and much more prone to incoherence and gaffes. And even though he has enjoyed success in the private sector, he has never held any public office.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin is a former governor, a former VP candidate, and spent the last three years learning more about the issues. As a hardcore Palin detractor, I must give her some credit for this. I believe she was seriously considering running, and was engaged in the process of preparing herself--something Cain clearly seems uninterested in.

How long has Cain been in this race, and how long did he contemplate a run? It's clear he did not expect to get this far, because he did little to no preparation. The abortion issue alone is a mess of confusion, and the more he is asked about it, the worse he sounds. (Can someone in the campaign please give this man an answer to memorize?)

Now we Republicans find ourselves with a personally popular candidate in the top tier who does not possess adequate knowledge of the issues, or more importantly, the desire or motivation to be a serious candidate.

I find Cain very likable, and his position is beneficial to Romney. But I think his days in the top spot are numbered because he cannot maintain support in the face of such obvious incompetence. The man doesn't even seem to think he needs to be ready.

Seeing Cain's rise, I wonder if Palin regrets her decision.

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BOSMAN said...

Great Post Martha!

I think the media and pundits seem to have a double standard here and seem to be giving Cain a Pass.

Lets just say as far as gaffes and misspeaks, They're about even and cancel each other out.

Saying that, Palin is 1000% more qualified to be Potus than Cain is.

Anonymous said...

I may give the edge to palin, but other than that they both aren't the smartest lightbulbs in the tanning bed.

larry said...


I agree with Bosman. Every little move Palin made was front page news.

Cain mis-speaks and it's, "Herman being Herman" or "He's just being himself, can't America take a joke?"

Him being in the lead is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Palin received a very strong message from team McCain regarding personal info that would be shared if she foolishly decided to run. Making the decision to not run is probably the only smart thing Palin has ever done.

Anonymous said...

I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, because I seem to have forgotten the Palin gaffes. She did have her share, but at leaszt she could articulate her position on abortion, and she never said she wanted to electrocute illegals. LOL

Thanks for the pics, Bos.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed with the gaffs Herman gets away with compared to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman. These women were persecuted by the MSM and even conservatives from their own party on an hourly basis. That is probably one of the reasons why I like Bachman is because she is tough and she gets right back up again.

Slick-Willy said...

First, I agree that there's a double standard. Palin and Bachman have been treated unfairly.

That said, I believe Cain is more qualified than either of them, even though I like both of them. I just think his experience is more substantial and more relevant. That said, all three are sorely lacking in the experience department.

Machtyn said...

I wasn't against Palin running because she lacked experience - she had more experience of actually DOing stuff than Obama.

I was against her running because she would have motivated the Left to get out in droves and vote. Also, the independents would have voted left.

Not to mention the smear campaign she, or any conservative woman, has to deal with. And here it is, the liberal MSM claiming to be for Women's rights, and doing just the opposite.

Ohio JOE said...

No, Mr. Cain is not as qualified as Mrs. Palin, but then neither is any of the other current crop of candidates in this weak field.

Terrye said...

I think that Palin was actually more qualified than Cain, but his personality is a lot more appealing. He is charismatic and that is what is driving a lot of his support right now. I doubt that it will last if he continues to make rooky mistakes and embarrass himself.

Anonymous said...

I can easily answer this.... neither Palin, Bachman, or Cain are qualified to be President.

Ohio JOE said...

"I doubt that it will last if he continues to make rooky mistakes and embarrass himself." The same can be said of Mr. Romney if he continues to have weeks like this one.

Anonymous said...

thank God palin decided to stay out or the GOP field really would have been a joke.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Great post and Martha, please do this more often.

Have to give Palin the nod over Cain on this question.

She held elective offices and actually governed.

The hows and whys she didn'r run can fill theorists volumes for years to come, but whatever the reason, most people didn't want to see her in the race.

My theory is because, pro or con, she'd be the main focus and a distraction. I think most folks had Palin fatigue and glad to be free of her this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Palin was more qualified than Cain. While I know that Cain is a very bright guy, that intellect hasn't translated to public policy. He really comes off as a dunce on politics, how laws are passed, and policies. Palin looks like a technocrat compared to Cain.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..What exactly was wrong with Romney's week? It seems to me that he is doing pretty well considering the back stabbing, disinformation and spite being aimed at him everyday.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question ...... neither Palin or Cain are qualified to be President.

Palin.... if she had ran would have lost by one of the widest margins in history.