Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Has Herman Cain peaked and is he in decline?

From Fox News Insider:
This weekend, on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume called Cain’s recent blunder in which he said in an interview that abortion should be a personal choice “inexplicable.” Hume said, “I suspect that Herman Cain may have peaked and may begin to decline.”
Carl Rove seems to agree with Hume's assessment:

Rove mentioned Cain's standings in recent polls. To go along with that, A new Rasmussen poll conducted October 21-22, has Cain losing lots of ground against President Obama in a head to head match up. In the course of 1 week, Cain went from beating Obama by 2 to losing to him by 6. That's a net loss of 8 points in 1 week.

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Revolution 2012 said...

I think the more voters see and hear Cains plans for America, the more they realize he isn't ready for prime time.