Friday, October 28, 2011

Critical Insights Poll: Romney & Obama virtually tied in Maine


Barack Obama 41%
Mitt Romney 40% (-1)
Don't Know/Refused 19%

Barack Obama 46%
Rick Perry 32% (-14)
Don't Know/Refused 22%

The survey of 600 interviews was conducted October 18-24 and has an MOE of +/-4%
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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larry said...

Here is another example of Mitt Romney being the only candidate who puts another blue state in play.

Republicans wake up.

Terry said...

If we want to win in 2012, the path to victory over the community organizer is Mitt Romney.

Terrye said...

How can this be? Why Rush knows everything and he says that the Democrats are hoping we run Romney.

Anonymous said...

let's Paint Maine RED again...did it with Gov. LePage....a businessman...Romney I continue to stand with Mitt....Paulee