Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Bully " Perry Still Going Negative?

Rick Perry might want to reconsider his plans for going negative so on GOP Primary rival Mitt Romney that our “televisions will bleed.” Seems an Ohio focus group has decidedly negative views of the tongue tied Texan, with 66% opting for the word “bully” to describe Perry.

According to the Washington Post’s story on pollster Peter Hart’s focus groups on the 2012 GOP candidates for the Annenberg Project:

When the discussion turned to other attributes, he was described as the kind of neighbor others would not want to mess with, or someone who would build a fence around his property, or someone who would be in everybody else’s business.

“He wouldn’t be on the casserole committee,” said Sydney Mathis, a Democrat.

Annoying,” said Lisa Cedrone, an independent voter who supported Obama in 2008 and is undecided today.

John Dickerson at Slate thinks Perry will refrain from the political knife fighting in order to rehab his image and salvage his campaign, which has crashed in one of the more spectacular political downfalls in recent memory.

It’s often said you only get one chance to make a first impression and Perry flubbed his big time. After four pathetic debate appearances, Perry, who strutted into the GOP Presidential race, is now considering avoiding further debates. While this oily maneuver might impress a Perry apologist like RushLimbaugh, it will not play well with the rank and file. It will be seen as political cowardice. Since most bullies are cowards at heart, it will come as no surprise.

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Terrye said...

I am not so sure Perry should be taking advice from Rush..after all, how many elections has he won?

Anonymous said...

Doug, I guess Rush doesn't care if Perry gets creamed in debate after debate with Obama. Or, maybe he thinks Perry should skip those too.

The stupid attack has commenced, and the epicenter is Rush.


larry said...

Perry is going no where. The more he opens his mouth, the more his poll numbers drop.

leighrow said...

Does Rush support Perry?and if so,why? This guy is the least conservative of the whole bunch.