Monday, October 17, 2011

3rd Quarter Fundraising Detail

Under the broad publishing of 3rd quarter funds for the main candidates was the almost astonishing detail:
  • Romney led Perry 35-15 in individual states
  • Perry raised 57 % of his total funds from Texas
  • Cain raised his most money from his native state of Georgia, but Romney raised almost twice as much as Cain and Perry in Georgia.

  • Cain raised sums as low as $ 89,000 in California when Romney was raising $ 1.6 Million
  • Cain raised $ 9,300 in Iowa and $ 8600 in N.Hampshire. Romney raised $ 28,000 in Iowa and $120,000 in New Hampshire
Cain has to raise major funding or he's dead in the water. You cannot run a campaign with these kinds of pocket change


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corep said...

Also encouraging was the number of people that contributed to Romney in Q3. 55,000+ is a lot of people

johnnyjuicebox said...

100,000+ donors for Ron Paul, thats even MORE people :O