Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romney wins early test in Illinois

Illinois State Treasurer, Dan Rutherford
In an early test, the Illinois Republican State Central Committee voted 58-42 today to keep the current delegate selection system, rather than go to a statewide percentage of popular vote favored by Governor Perry.
The vote to keep the current system favoring Governor Romney , was led by Romney's State Chairman, state Treasurer, Dan Rutherford.

This is illustrative of the early in- fighting that organization and planning deem so necessary and that illustrates the significant advantage Romney has in so many states. Few will notice this and the media will sleep though it, but on March 20th, the results in Illinois may be substantial for Romney.


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Anonymous said...

I've read that the RNC changed the rules so that the primary schedule determined how the delegates were awarded. March primaries are supposed to award delegates by proportional representation. April primaries have the choice of going to a winner-take-all system. If Illinois is voting in March, they are supposed to use the proportional representation. Failure to do so could cost them delegates.

Closer To Home said...

There are many ways to do "proportional apportionment." Statewide means that each candidate will get the exact % of delegates that they got of the popular vote. But they can also do it where the winning candidate in each CD gets all of the delegates assigned to that CD.

craigs said...


Exactly. That is the way Illinois does it now. Perry wanted to change it to a statewide percentage allocation of Illinois' 69 delegates, rather than by CD