Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VIDEO: Mitt Romney unveils his Jobs Plan for America (3:00 PM EST)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will outline his jobs plan at McCandless International Trucks in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are conflicting times listed for the live feeds:

CNN lists 3:00 PM EST
C-SPAN lists 3:30 PM EST

I suppose we won't know who is correct until start time.

Click the buttons under the photo bellow:

NOTE: At least 1 of the following 3 feeds will work. Once at the feed site, you may need to choose the correct channel from the menu on the top or side. ENJOY!


I will have the LIVE FEED for tomorrow night's Presidential debate at the Reagan Library.....STAY TUNED!

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Revolution 2012 said...

Bos, I'm getting a little fed up.

I don't why you bother with these feeds.

90% of those that watch this will take your pop-up window elsewhere and chat some place else.

How do we benefit here at RS?

That's why you've seen me laying off the polls.

BOSMAN said...

Channel 3 is already at the event preparing.

Closer To Home said...


I really appreciate you putting these links up. Sometimes I can watch live. Other times I've got schedule conflicts and have to come back to watch the video. Either way, I really appreciate having the source here.

Anonymous said...

right away, some idiot guest on fox neil cavuto criticizes romneys plan all while theres images of rick perry on the monitor.